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When Husbands and Wives Become Parent and Child

Discovering joy in the middle of conflict

ByMaggie JoyceRosalie Bent

A new book by Maggie Joyce. Maggie Joyce, author of 'The Fulltime, Permanent, Adult Infant' writes of relationships where the adult relationship is partly or significantly replaced by a parent/child one. That 'child' could be an older preschooler or a toddler or even a baby right down to almost newborn. For most adult babies, their regression is limited and more under control, but for some, it is so significant and long-lasting that it creates a permanent change in the relationship paradigm. This book has case studies on other couples that have embraced - willingly or not - varying aspects of the parent/child relationship. She then gives some clues and advice on taking some of the angst out of relationships where one is an adult baby and the other is struggling to handle it.


Publication Date
May 10, 2022
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Maggie Joyce, By (author): Rosalie Bent, By (author): Michael Bent, By (author): Madeline Wood



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