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Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

ByMaggie James, Dip ION

The importance of good nutrition in pre-conceptual care. When to start preparing. What foods to eat, what foods to avoid and the use of supplements. Nutritional factors that affect female fertility and how to change your diet. Maximising male fertility to assist pregnancy. The role of environmental pollutants. How to eat well for a healthy pregnancy and what foods to avoid. Help for morning sickness, constipation, piles, heartburn and pre–eclampsia. What causes a miscarriage? How to eat healthily to minimise the risk of miscarriage. What causes PND and nutritional/supplement solutions that can help. What foods to eat and to avoid to ensure healthy breast milk. How what you eat can affect your baby when breastfeeding. Examples of meal and snack suggestions, and practical advice for eating out socially. We’ll look at portion sizes, what to do if the cravings for junk food strike, and why you should become a label detective.


Publication Date
Feb 10, 2009
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Maggie James, Dip ION



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