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Rhythms for Life Planner and Journal: 90 Days to Peace and Purpose

ByMagnificent Maxim

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For anyone who struggles with stress, anxiety, overcommitment, depression, or exhaustion, here's the next right step. The perfect companion to the bestselling Rhythms of Renewal by Rebekah Lyons, this beautiful journaling planner is exactly what you need to build restorative rhythms into your daily routine for a life of health, purpose, and joy. With 90 days of guided direction to help you Rest, Restore, Connect and, Create, this journal invites you to release the things that drain you and rediscover the things that bring you fulfillment and joy. These rhythms offer a few moments each morning to reclaim your day before it claims you. Practical, encouraging, and with step-by-step guidance, the Rhythms for Life Planner and Journal equips you with the tools and habits to keep anxiety and fear at bay and cultivate the life you long for. With inspiring quotes, thoughtful reflection questions, and a beautiful design, this guide will help you take charge of your emotional and mental health by incorporating better habits into your day. Each section includes: Morning and evening routine prompts A customizable weekly plan to maintain your emotional, spiritual, and mental health Inviting example activities for each rhythm Encouraging evaluations to help you grow Beautiful space for journaling As you begin this daily practice, you'll experience the renewal God offers. The best part? You'll live these rhythms for life in your own unique way, at a pace that works for you. This isn't a race, but a rhythm. Transformation happens one small step at a time. -reading learnig -daily journal -daily plan -daily planner -daily work planner -fitness planner - food diary - health goals - my bucket list -my bucket list questions -notes -Priority planner -study planner -this month's goals -to do this week -weekly food diary -weekly planner 2 -weekly planner -weekly schedule -yearly goals Organize Your Life, Plan Your Goals, Achieve Your Dreams. The Good Life Planner aims to help you get more focused on your goals by breaking them from a 4-year plan to a yearly list to quarterly goal plan to a monthly, weekly, and then a daily goal plan. Yup, this is going to be the only planner you need for the next quarter. This planner wants to help you focus on your personal life as well to make sure you aren't just accomplishing goals but living and loving your life. It's the ultimate reminder to live the good life. Made for creators, entrepreneurs, and influence


Publication Date
Feb 4, 2021
Notebooks & Journals
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By (author): Magnificent Maxim


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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