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THE WISDOM-DRIVEN MENTALITY - Your Destiny Is Waiting For A Change In Your Mentality [Free Excerpt]

ByMaikh Etto

The Wisdom-Driven Mentality - Your Destiny Is Waiting For A Change In Your Mentality is a spiritual work that will make a positive difference in your life by making a positive difference in your mind, for the author is of the opinion that you are not guaranteed a better life until you acquire a better mentality. This book will help you: -Change your mentality towards yourself. -Change your mentality and attitude towards the difficulties and challenges of life. -Create changes in your life that will increase your spiritual effectiveness. -Know the difference between the future and your future and how to fulfill it. -Acquire the God-kind of mentality and begin to live in the God-kind of reality. -Change your mentality about money and make money your servant. -Give you a new view, and sure-fire way, to breaking through in life. This book will change your future today, so don’t keep your destiny waiting…


Publication Date
Sep 5, 2008
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Maikh Etto



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