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Open Letters to the World Leaders

ByMaría Cristina Azcona

This book, made up of letters from each author to World Leaders, has reached the point of being real. We, WWPO and ICP, and our members are saying something here. Now, approaching the flight of this book, we are ready to get our message effectively read by the world's top leaders... We hope that you, the reader, will help us get this book into the hands of our world leaders, as Pope Francis, and other religious leaders in each country and in each cultural group, such as the President of the United States of America or at least the congressmen of that country: also the Kings of the different countries where there is a monarchy, prime ministers, etc. We could add legislators, ambassadors from each country and each person of power in communes, cities, provinces, states and countries. The list is endless. We are now determined to get the book into your hands and will get to work as soon as it is published. At this moment I imagine many people with more or less authority or level of leadership, at an international level, reading this book and perhaps changing their opinion regarding violence. I dream of making the book stop a missile, stopping the hand that was supposed to press the red button that controls it. I dream that this book will become an anti-missile shield that, even if it does not stop a bombing of a building somewhere on the globe, will serve to raise awareness about peace. Now it's your turn: Please, reader - Join me in this dream. and help me stop the war by spreading this message all over the world. Reader: If every inhabitant of the Global Village does the same and embraces us. Time flies and the world needs us united, but also active and coordinated. Sowing peace simply consists of focusing on the roundness of the world and its breadth, and thus embrace it in a huge hug without limiting ourselves to our reference group. María Cristina Azcona


Publication Date
May 6, 2022
Social Science
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): María Cristina Azcona



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