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Learning English as a Foreign Language at Secondary School: Analysis of discourse and linguistic factors that block the students’ process of oral negotiation of meanings in L2 in the classroom

ByMaría Eugenia Falabella

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Many and diverse factors affect and influence the oral negotiation of meanings among students, and among the students and the educators, within the classroom situation. It is the paramount aim of this action research work to explore how the teaching strategies used by the educator have an effect on the varied discourse and linguistic factors resulting in the lessons of English as a foreign language, and how and till what extent those teaching strategies, along with the already mentioned aspects, concern both, in the creation of pieces of discourse in L2, and in the quality of the production of communicative strategies, such as comprehension questions, clarification questions, paraphrases, etc., on behalf of the interlocutors involved in the communicative process, to be able to start, keep, solve problems and end up communicative interactions in L2.


Publication Date
Nov 30, 2008
Education & Language
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By (author): María Eugenia Falabella


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