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Nevaeh Chimera

Bymarcel duriez

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It is a story starting with a teenage girl living in a small town on the outskirts of Pennsylvania, USA. The story was written by Marcel Ray Duriez and is a fictional autobiography of Nevaeh May Natalie. The title of the story is given as "Nevaeh" arising from the English language which stands for "Heaven" spelled backward. She is defined as Nevaeh because of her mentality and management capabilities achieved via clairvoyance. She squabbles with the group of Sisters, and children her age, with wicked family and the underworld, Cosa Nostra and human trafficking other criminal mind people and groups in different scenes, and a combat rage pushing from the mainland and other worlds, and afterlife and into administration circles and confidential power dealer dwellings. The story is a multiple of stories where Nevaeh is faced with antagonists at every stage and in various forms even taking over the minds and bodies of others. Nevaeh in the beginning starts as a rookie but soon he is granted Goddesses of her world. As the rookie, Nevaeh is a 14-year-old girl living in Pennsylvania around the 2000s. She is the small girl in her class and has other kids, classmates, mother, grandmother, and even her guardian, putting her down, Navaeh cannot rise above all the hatred and shine. On the darkest day of her human life, Nevaeh commits suicide. That is not the end of her young life, but the start of supernatural life. “Neveah is the girl who existed.” Notebooks of her life. Show a town, that to her is just as backward as her temperament. She lives a life of bullying. Nevaeh feels that death is a way out of the pain. She lives her life out to see all that she has lost by choosing to relinquish to death, at the age of 14. As a fallen angel. An evil entity with wickedness, wanting pain, and death is always lurking in the darkness of cobwebbed-filled minds she has obtained from twisted brainwashing. Nevaeh becomes lost in her mind and the minds of others in the afterlife. Nevaeh lives with her paternal grandmother in an orphanage with her wicked maternal grandmother Masel and unloving mother Leah, plus all her sisters. She has an indistinguishable paternal stepfather, Titus. Parent Ray Jay died by killing himself — when the murdering mother and grandparents were the masterminds of numerous deaths. The Amsel sisters do not like Nevaeh asking inquiries, they do not seem to like anything about her, especially the very unusual things that keep happening around her.


Publication Date
Jun 19, 2022
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): marcel duriez


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