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Nevaeh They Call Out

ByMarcel Duriez

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For a full book, synopsis go to Marcel Ray Duriez: Northern Cambria- Barnesboro Pa. The USA. 'The 'Nevaeh Saga' is a narrative focus on the thoughtful look of a young girl, facing pain- as she bares her soul and what lays within.' 'A fourteen-year-old Nevaeh is having a midlife crisis likewise doesn't seem to bode well with her life expectancy. Her so-called school friends bully her, whatever semblance of a foster mother drowned out her fights with life by loathing her for being alive, falling and grieving her way to mental delusion. Now a fallen angel Nevaeh speaks when she did not have a voice, to do so before, her untimely death- as she bares her soul.' 'Just because Nevaeh is the small girl and has someone putting her down; doesn't mean that she can't rise above it all and shine!' Alissa Amsel was born, the daughter of Leah. She had one brother and six sisters. Is a blonde hair, blue-eyed girl; she cannot weigh any more than one hundred pounds, yet she is taller than most of the boys' kind of gangly looking, the main squeeze, of the girls, bullying gang of the clan sisters, Alissa, she towers in her overall authority, control, and influence, in the society's ranking of a rheostat in the high school, having mom, dad, and grandpop behind every move of taking over. Alissa is a senior the head cheerleader, she makes everyone that she wants to be associated with being her friend, and the ones she does not want to be her fools. A refusal to bow down to her authority, she does everything in her power, to make your life miserable; Alissa is constantly smothering Chiaz Naztherth, with her crazed oversexed clingy on Nevaeh's lover.


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Jan 16, 2022
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Marcel Duriez


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