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You Got to Have Faith (Part 1) Book & Screenplay by Its Marcus Jams A.K.A. Marcus Anthony Moore

ByMarcus Moore A.K.A. Its Marcus JamsMarcus Moore A.K.A. Its Marcus Jams

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This book and screenplay titled, You Got to Have Faith (Part 1) and up to 24 Parts, was designed and written for many College Students, Students, Professors, Teachers, Poets, Actors, Persons of Interest, and Artists from all walks of life to experience Role playing, Voice Over Acts, Improvisation, and Acting with the intent to enhance your Faith, and/or to build your Faith, and to obtain Faith like never before. This will be a life changing experience for many, and will empower many participants who dares to accept a challenge of their life time by choosing from a list of characters in this book, to select a character of your choice, and then cite your character’s complete script throughout this book and screenplay. Groups are allowed to select all characters in this book, including the narration, and are encourage to video record and audio record your acts. 1 Minute up to 5 minutes Voice Over Recording Challenge or Complete the entire Part 1 of this book, Voice Over and/or Live Acting Video Recording Challenge. YOU GOT TO HAVE FAITH-PART 1(UP TO 24 PARTS) is BASED on a TRUE STORY written by Marcus Anthony Moore A.K.A. Its Marcus Jams Its Marcus Jams has Supernatural Powers in which his power is Divine and his nature is Divine, being a Son of Yahweh, who is The Almighty God and Creator of all life, all worlds, all Universes, all things, such as the Heavens and the Earth. Its Marcus Jams has been sent to the Earth to bring change to the World by the LOVE of God to reconcile all things back to God. FAITH, HOPE, WISDOM, POWER, AND LOVE is what he uses to encourage, exhort, and to rebuild the lives of many who has lost their way in the world that we live in. However, Evil has plagued the earth, and many worlds within the multi universes, in this day and age, of the year 2022. Time is running out because the end of this world and age is about to end. Know one knows the Day or the Hour accept Yahweh, who is the Almighty God. This book and Screenplay are about how Its Marcus Jams has used his FAITH (Which is the Love and Power of the Almighty God who is Yahweh) and his Testimony to overcome all things of this World and its Age, in helping many people, creatures, strange things, Angels of many forms, and his family from the time of his youth and his encounter with the LORD of Hosts, till the present time, to be reconciled back to Yahweh, the Almighty God, to give Him His Glory. You can purchase this book & screenplay at


Publication Date
Nov 24, 2022
Education & Language
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By (author): Marcus Moore A.K.A. Its Marcus Jams, Edited by: Marcus Moore A.K.A. Its Marcus Jams, Cover design or artwork by: Marcus Moore A.K.A. Its Marcus Jams


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