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Roadmaps, Treasures, Watermarks (US edition)

Rinpung Early Childhood Practices

ByMargaret Brooks

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This beautiful book, with more than six hundred images and illustrations, celebrates the pedagogical practices of Ringpung Demonstration Preschool at Paro College of Education, Bhutan. It provides exemplars of programming and planning for three- to five-year-old preschool children. It demonstrates for all preschools the world over, the kind of teaching and learning that can give children the best start in life. Rinpung preschool has been established to provide leadership and training for early childhood educators. Many interesting and informative projects are being implemented at the centre. The staff who work there have carefully recorded and collected the work they have been doing in the hope that this will support, inspire and provide models for students and practitioners. As early childhood educators the programs and relationships we form with children and families play an important role in the development and outcomes for young children. Children are our future, so how we provide for them in their early years is critical. We need to create environments for them that are relevant to their local context using holistic pedagogies. When we provide rich, open ended, child led experiences, the outcomes for them later in life are greatly enhanced. When we focus on things like self-regulation, confidence, creativity, perseverance, empathy, and compassion, then children are gaining the attributes for a successful and fulfilling life. When young children learn to be self-motivated investigators and can discuss and represent the world in which they live, they develop a love and disposition for learning.


Publication Date
Jan 24, 2023
Education & Language
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By (author): Margaret Brooks


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