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10 Proven Principles for a Diet-Free Life!

ByMaria Mercedes

Skinny is in. So says the fashion and much of the fitness industries who are making money off those desperate and obsessed with obtaining an impossible and unrealistic figure. 10 Proven Principles for a Diet-Free Life! by Maria Mercedes takes a different approach. Instead of focusing on weight loss, it uses what she has learned from years as a fitness professional to turn people around to a new lifestyle that frees them from diets forever. Armed with a "language of health," readers will learn how to "manage what they have to work with" by using proven techniques based on the latest scientific discoveries about our bodies. If followed diligently for six-weeks, her 10 simple resistance and stretching exercises combined with 10 simple and great tasting nutritional recipes will help you make a U-turn toward real fitness and a state of wellbeing as a lifestyle.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Health & Fitness
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By (author): Maria Mercedes



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