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The Questfore Caper: A Jane Doe Mystery

ByMarilyn Gratton Kyd

Before Jane Doe could marry Nosmo King, fellow PI, she had to take a business trip related to an open murder case. When Nosmo started her car for the trip to the airport he was blown to bits. 3 years later, she is back on track, more or less, except for those pesky panic attacks she gets while driving on LA’s freeways–for which she is seeing a shrink. As she tries to pull into the shrink’s parking lot, she is stopped by the police and informed that her shrink has been murdered. Coincidentally, she learns that Quentin Questfore was murdered at about the same time. Jane finds this curious as she believes Questfore responsible for the car bomb that killed Nosmo. Even more curious, it appears that she’s the prime suspect in both cases. To clear her name, she must 1st solve the case she’d abandoned 3 years ago. Along the way, she meets Bruno, possibly a professional hit man, who both befriends her and frightens her and a family of medics who aren’t what they seem.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Marilyn Gratton Kyd



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