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Dialogues with a Mystic II

ByMarilynn Hughes

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DIALOGUES WITH A MYSTIC: - “(In an out of body experience,) I, somehow, knowingly began to mold a new man out of the dirt. It was important to only choose the fertile soul and disregard the dead matter. As I finished the full size figure, he suddenly came to life. I noticed he was wearing a new pair of brown, leather moccasins. As he could not yet travel on his own, I grabbed his feet and two other men in our group picked him up by his shoulders, as he was not able to walk yet in his new spiritual body. The new man looked at me, smiled and said, “Marilynn is going up the mountain.” Then I recognized the new man as someone who Marilynn had been given intensive spiritual counseling. We were part of a large group that were being led by Marilynn to climb the mountain, our spiritual (and out of body travel) destiny.” A Traveler Dialogues with a Mystic is am Out of Body Travel conversation between, Mystic, Marilynn Hughes, and a spiritual counseling client who agreed to participate in this open dialogue so that others might benefit from it. But it becomes so much more as the journey enters into an unexpected and harrowing apocalyptic journey into the predilections of the ‘end times.’ The conversation yields practical guidance and understanding heralded by the Lord regarding Out of Body Travel, and practical advice into the out of body travel journey and the apocalyptic journey that faces mankind and each individual soul today, tomorrow and always. This 55 year old client proves that no matter what stage of life you are in it is never too late or too difficult to embark upon the adventure of Out of Body Travel and open the door to the spirit. A profound out of body adventure awaits. Come with us, you’re invited. (For more info -


Publication Date
Apr 13, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Marilynn Hughes


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