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The Aspen

Which Grows Upon the Snow-Capped Mountain

ByMarilynn Hughes

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THE ASPEN: WHICH GROWS UPON THE SNOW CAPPED MOUNTAIN - Death as progression in out-of-body travel and mysticism demonstrated by the continuing cyclic exchange between birth and death and the born and the unborn. The final journey can also be one of many out-of-body journeys embarked upon in this human life. After all, It is said that aspen trees cannot grow on the icy mountain peak, because it is stone and the air is so the multitude of aspens (like the multitude of people) grow below the altitude line where the air is thicker and the ground softer (and the training easier). But it is only the icy snow capped mountain peak of successful training, although it be made of the stone which continually remains unresponsive to the defiling passions, which allows for the tree to grow upon its rocky face. Although the tree of self still has yet to grow to adulthood only in that it may cut itself down be born out of regeneration into the life of the uncreated...unborn, yet it continues to do so to reach an infinite number of enlightenments above and beyond that which has come before.(For more info -


Publication Date
Apr 12, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Marilynn Hughes


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