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ByMark Dalliston

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What the economy needs is a values injection. Wants can be a small part of the journey but our needs show the way. Cash tends to be simply wants. These days of credit cards makes getting wants easier but least there is a record of each transaction. Wants' show you the way not to live. You don't learn how to live through your wants, rather you learn how not to live. The lesson is that we require more needs and less wants; roughly 80% nee Acquisition of your desires is injurious to your health in the longer term. Values will determine what ratio of desires you will still have. We estimate a tipping point as past 50%, past the point of no return. It's fair to say that the more cash around, the less values that society has. So what are these values? It's easier to say what they are not: not emotions; not goals; and not desires. When we think of values, we think of values that can be used, they can be part of a practice. We think of practised values that can increase the Commonweal, the common good. With an increase of practised values, there is an increase of common sense and insights


Publication Date
Jan 29, 2021
Business & Economics
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By (author): Mark Dalliston


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