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Ein Engel kommt nach Albion

ByMark O'Doherty

This is an insightful and revealing story of the people of Ireland through the focal point of the island’s capital city; the author taking the reader on an epic historic journey through the centuries, with a powerfully-imagined cast of characters. Especially the comic-tragic love affair between Fionnuala and Peter Walsh is depicted very well, during the siege of Dublin in 1171. The Irish High King was on the verge of driving out the invading English troops, who had entrenched themselves in Dublin. But then the English Commander, Strongbow, makes a breakout and defeats the Irish troops; which proved to be a pivotal event in the history of England and Ireland. The reason for the High King‘s defeat: The Irish girl Fionnuala was used involuntarily as a spy by the British mercenary, Peter Walsh, providing the English with the necessary military intelligence to defeat the besieging Irish forces. Besides her love, Fionnuala also brought Peter information on the exact disposition of the High King’s forces. The irony of the situation: It was not Peter who seduced Fionnuala, but rather Fionnuala who seduced Peter; and Fionnuala was having too much fun to give the affair up – the whole situation being somewhat symbolic of the exploitation of the happy-go-lucky Irish. However, it must also be said, that not only British men have been known to exploit innocent Irish girls. Irish adventurers have also been known to exploit British ladies in a similar fashion. I can personally attest to that, after having infamously exploited an English girl, during the EU siege on the UK. Regrettably, the reign of UK dictators during the Brexit crisis made this intervention by human rights defenders necessary. And I‘m quite sure, future historic chroniclers will also see it that way :) So just like the love affair between Fionnuala and Peter, I also had an affair with an English girl during that time – a girl from MI6, actually - Military Intelligence, Section 6. Her name was Lucy, and I had a very passionate affair with her. Besides her body, Lucy also brought me food. For food was getting scarcer during the Brexit siege all the time. So Lucy provided me with vital military intelligence to get a foothold on the British island, and start a revolution in the UK. And I‘m quite sure, that one day we will succeed in liberating Britannia; by restoring human rights, human dignity and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) - in the UK and the International Community.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mark O'Doherty




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