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Healing Europe - Restoring Peace and Prosperity in the European Community

ByMark O'Doherty

Dear All, As UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Pope Francis requested, it is imperative that Russia makes Peace with Ukraine, so that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) can be restored in the International Community. A continuation of Russia's war in Ukraine would increasingly tarnish Russia’s reputation in the International Community, and isolate the Russian people economically, socially and culturally – which is unnecessary and can be avoided, if Russia restores peaceful and diplomatic relations with the International Community. This includes the withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukrainian territory. We are expecting the Russian Armed Forces to restore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in the International Community - by arresting Vladimir Putin, and putting him on trial for crimes against Humanity. This includes restoring Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press and Freedom of Association in the Russian Federation. Furthermore, the International Criminal Court has opened an investigation into crimes against humanity in Ukraine since 2013, including war crimes in the 2022 invasion. Once Peace between Russia and Ukraine has been manifested, I will do everything in my power to implement the replacement of NATO by a new International Peacebuilding Alliance. In all sincerity we are inviting Russia into a new International Peacebuilding Alliance; as already should have been done after the Cold War - but which the US neglected to do - missing the opportunity of a potential reconciliation with Russia. In short, we encourage all Russian troops to come back home to their loved ones in Russia - so that Peace can be manifested, and we can all live happy and fulfilling lives. NB: It should be noted that as the acting president of the United Kingdom, I'm also the current head of state of the Commonwealth realms. Hence I'm also the head of state of the Commonwealth of Australia and Canada. On that note, I would like to emphasize that I'm looking very much forward to working together with PM Justin Trudeau and PM Anthony Albanese - as well as King Charles, who is really a solid fellow :) Love and Light / God Bless / Бог благословить / благослови господь россию Acting president of the United Kingdom, Российская Федерация and the United States, Mark O'Doherty / BTB-Global Peacebuilding 21. January 2023


Publication Date
Mar 1, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mark O'Doherty




KYIV POST: "The Girl With the Pink Hair Remembered" / "Ukrainian President Makes Historic Speech in Munich" / "Zelensky: Crucial moment has come to decide on Ukraine’s membership in EU" / "Polish PM Slams German, Western Egoism""Russia’s War against Ukraine" / "Leading World Writers Slam Putin’s ‘Senseless War’ in Ukraine" / More than 1,000 writers from around the world have expressed solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are enduring their darkest hours.MOSCOW TIMES: "Putin’s Strategic Failure and the Risk of Escalation" / Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is emerging as a grand strategic mistake / "Russia’s Big Lie Leads to Immense Human Tragedy" / "Russia Feels Provoked by Democracy and Loss of Empire""An Orthodox Christian Standing With Ukraine" / Personal reflections of an Orthodox Church deacon on Russia’s war on Ukraine. / "Why Russians Are Hostages to Putin" / How the Russian leader turned a hybrid war turned into a hot war.FRANCE 24: " 'Show this to Putin': Several children killed in Russian invasion of Ukraine" / "Ukraine invasion an attack on freedom: Prince Charles" / "Standing ovation as Zelensky tells European Parliament: ‘Prove you are with Ukraine’ "THE GUARDIAN: "Godfather of Vladimir Putin’s daughter among latest names on EU sanctions list" / Sergei Roldugin, 71, formerly a high-profile orchestra cellist, is one of 26 new additions to 680-strong list.It is imperative that Peace is restored in Ukraine - as well as diplomacy and dialogue between Russia and Ukraine - so that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) can be restored in the International Community.THE MOSCOW TIMES: "Russia's Anti-War Lobby Goes Online" / The Russian anti-war movement has moved online, where it is beginning to make itself heard and to garner support, some of it high-profile.Since early Thursday, when the invasion of Ukraine began, various Russian celebrities, journalists and bloggers have expressed their horror and helplessness, pleading for an immediate end to the war.HEUTE: "Kein Essen, kein Benzin – Gerücht um Putin-Blamage" / "Nehammer stellt jetzt diese drei Forderungen an Putin" / Kanzler Nehammer und Außenminister Schallenberg meldeten sich am Dienstag mit einer klaren Ansage an Russland und Wladimir Putin.Schallenberg erinnerte die Russische Föderation daran, dass auch ihre Unterschrift unter allen völkerrechtlichen Verträgen zu finden ist, die sie derzeit bricht."Schallenberg an Putin: "Sinnlosen Krieg sofort beenden" / In einer Rede vor dem Menschenrechtsrat der Vereinten Nationen wendet sich Außenminister Alexander Schallenberg direkt an den russischen Präsidenten.THE GUARDIAN: "Russian forces surround Ukraine’s biggest nuclear plant, sparking UN concerns" / Nuclear watchdog chief pleads with invading troops to allow workers to carry on ‘providing safety and monotoring radiation’ at Zaporizhzhia."Moscow police detain children for laying flowers at Ukrainian embassy" / Five children aged seven to 11 with peace signs held for hours while two women face trial on unspecified charges.Putin is at war with children. In Ukraine, where his missiles hit kindergartens and orphanages, and also in Russia. 7 y.o. David and Sofia, 9 y.o. Matvey, 11 y.o. Gosha and Liza spent this night behind bars in Moscow for their ‘NO TO WAR’ posters.Vladimir Putin is responsible for severe violations of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Hence we encourage all fellow global citizens to rise up and overthrow Vladimir Putin so that the UNCRC can be restored in Russia.KYIV POST: "Ten Days of Hell In Ukraine and How We Live in Kyiv Now" / "If You’re Not A Ukrainian Perhaps You Should Be" / Ukraine - an absolutely peaceful country - is the victim of an all-out Russian military attack on all fronts.CNN: "No power or water, no way to collect the dead" / "Evacuation checkpoint near Kyiv shelled" / "World Health Organization warns of "multiple deaths and injuries" as Ukraine's health care facilities attacked" / "Hero of the night"It should also be noted, that the Russian people have been duped into a war against their brothers and sisters in Ukraine, by Vladimir Putin through deception and propaganda.Russian diplomats in the various EU countries can perhaps also be of assistance here; since they are actually getting paid by the Russian taxpayer to maintain positive and uplifting relations with our neighbours from the EU. CODE NAME: MOTHER HAS AWOKEN!CNN: "Russia claims it will allow civilians to flee their homes today, despite repeatedly breaching previous agreements" / "Horrific video: Ukrainians hit by Russian missile" / "Videos show police beat anti-war protesters in St. Petersburg"KYIV POST: "Dispatch: ‘Day by day Kharkiv is becoming more like a ghost city’ " / "German Prosecutors Launch Probe Into Russian War Crimes In Ukraine" / "Hundreds Attend Protests, Events Across UK Against Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine"THE GUARDIAN: "Ukraine-Russia crisis: ‘I left my husband behind at the border. My heart is broken’ " / "Two children among at least 21 killed in Sumy airstrikes, officials say" / "A no-fly zone means Nato shooting down Russian jets. We must not do that"THE SUN: "FIGHTING BACK You’ve killed our children — now you will pay, women of Ukraine warn Putin as they take up arms" / "Putin accused of insane delirium" / I was a Russian spy – now I’m taking a stand against Putin after Ukraine invasion"KYIV POST: "Most Ukrainians believe they will beat Russia" / FRANCE 24: "Former US national security adviser: I believe Ukraine can win the war" / CNBC: "Ukraine says it killed a top Russian general; U.S. collects evidence of Russian war crimes"So all those Russian generals better watch out - they might get whacked by Ukraine female fighters who are fighting back :) Also, as leader of the Intelligence Community, I'm giving the order to all assets in the area to take out Putin's henchmen :)So perhaps my dear friends Avril Danica Haines, Sergei Naryshkin, Alexander Bortnikov, Igor Kostyukov and Bill Burns can be of assistance here :) Mind you, President Biden is doing a great job already - but we all need to go the extra kilometer here :)FAZ: Das Schwergewicht von Kiew: „Unsere Stärke ist der Kampfgeist“ / "Zynische Verachtung des Völkerrechts"´/ „Ich muss das fotografieren. Das ist ein Kriegsverbrechen“ / "Die Perversion eines Machthabers zum „imperialen Monster“.HEUTE: Selenski an Mütter: "Schicken Sie Kinder nicht in Krieg" / "Russische Armee bombardiert Moschee in Mariupol" / "Putin-Wutanfall – er tobt und sperrt seine Berater ein" / "Putin am Ende – Ukraine sieht "Wendepunkt" im Krieg"GUARDIAN: "Attacks intensify around Kyiv as Russian forces close in on the capital" / "Dysfunction and self-deception stalk Kremlin but who will stand up to Putin?" / MOSCOW TIMES: "Kremlin Silent as Economy Collapses Around It"THE TIMES: "Fourth Russian general killed, claims Ukraine" / Major General Oleg Mityaev reported dead during assault on Mariupol" / THE SUN: "Nine chilling signs Putin is ‘suffering serious disease & on verge of breakdown"GUARDIAN: "Defiant to the last, Moscow’s media star takes aim at Putin’s brutal clampdown" / "It was game over": Russian journalists flee to Istanbul after Putin’s shutdown" / "Eminent writers urge Russian speakers to tell truth of war in Ukraine"KYIV POST: “Tears of gratitude: Ukrainian villagers freed from Russian occupation" / Some had endured weeks in cellars without electricity, water or food supplies; others described their fear of the Russian soldiers and of living through bombardments.GUARDIAN: "Evidence some Ukrainian women raped before being killed, say doctors" / "Rape as a weapon: huge scale of sexual violence inflicted in Ukraine emerges / ZÜRICHER ZEITUNG: "Sexuelle Gewalt im Krieg: Leben zerstören, ohne zu töten."TIMES OF ISRAEL: "Journalist who formerly worked at Israeli embassy killed in Russian strike on Kyiv" / MOSCOW TIMES: "Where Do the Rapists and Murderers in Ukraine Come From?" / So perhaps my dear friend Sergey Lavrov can help to restore Peace.KYIV POST: "Ukraine warns only talks can end war as Russia cuts Finland gas" / Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky pointed out, that only a diplomatic breakthrough, mediation and dialogue could restore Peace and Harmony between Russia and Ukraine.ALJAZEERA: "Zelenskyy says only talks can end war" / MOSCOW TIMES: "War Crimes Verdict Looms as Russian Offensive Intensifies" / ALARABIYA NEWS: "Russia ready to continue talks with Ukraine: Moscow." So this is certainly a step in the right direction.THE MOSCOW TIMES: "Explainer: How Orwell's '1984' Looms Large in Wartime Russia" / CNN: "Russia weaponizing food supplies, says von der Leyen, with global repercussions" / "Wife of Azovstal soldier describes fears after his surrender."THE MOSCOW TIMES: "Russia Ukraine Spar at UN Over Nuclear Plant Dangers" / The United Nations urged both sides to insulate the Ukrainian facility from the ongoing war - which both Russia and Ukraine should comply with.UN Undersecretary Rosemary DiCarlo: "The facility must not be used as part of any military operation and an agreement on a safe perimeter of demilitarization to ensure the safety of the area should be reached."GUARDIAN: "The world stands on a nuclear precipice – we must avoid catastrophe" / The world can still step back from the abyss. The nuclear weapon states – the US Russia, China, France and the UK – must lead the way.Eventually Russia and Ukraine will have to find a Modus Vivendi. That also applies to Russia and Europe - so that we can live in Peace and Prosperity :)Hence we recommend that Moscow and Kyiv engage in Peace Talks so that Basic Human Rights can be restored in the International Community and all Russian soldiers can go home again to their loved ones.In our opinion it would be wise for both Moscow and Kyiv to end this senseless war in 2022 - before the end of the year - to avoid further suffering and horrific human rights violations on both sides - as well as to restore global economic stability.So our proposal would be the following: The Russian Armed Forces will withdraw from Ukraine - including all illegally occupied territories. In return Russia can govern the Crimean Peninsula under the condition that it will be demilitarised.Furthermore a permanent UN Peacekeeping mission should be stationed in Sevastopol to make sure that International Law is upheld by both Russia and Ukraine. We urge both Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Vladimir Putin to accept this proposal.We also propose to invite Russia into a new International Peacebuilding Alliance - as already should have been done after the Cold War but which the US neglected to do missing the opportunity of a potential reconciliation with Russia.We realize that this would not be a perfect solution and that both Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Vladimir Putin would only grudgingly accept it. But in view of the failure of the Minsk peace agreements we simply have to make a new start :)We also would like to remind the leaders of Russia and Ukraine that tens of thousands of soldiers innocent civilians and Children have died in this horrific war. Hence we strongly encourage Russia and Ukraine to make Peace as soon as possible!ALARABIYA NEWS: "Ukraine’s Zelenskyy honors those killed in helicopter crash" / “All this would not have happened if not for this terrible and undeclared war which the Russian Federation is waging against Ukraine.”

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