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Healing the Catholic Church in Austria - Improving Spiritual Intelligence, Evolution and Human Rights in the Roman Catholic Church in the Republic of Austria

ByMark O'Doherty

This book aims to further spiritual intelligence, gender equality and the UDHR in the Catholic Church - recent revolts in the Vatican showing that the church is still failing women. While Pope Francis has opened up more discussion about women’s roles and appointed women in key Vatican positions, the topic of them becoming priests is still very much taboo. Other areas that need to be improved in the Austrian Catholic Church are the ordination of married men and more compassionate treatment of the LGBT-Community. The Quantum Theory Paradigm is also an approach which the Catholic Church should adopt, according to the author, as the world is always in motion – constantly changing, developing and evolving. However, first and foremost this book advocates that we all have to work together to make the world a better place – by being open-minded and willing to over-bridge differences - so that peace, prosperity and love can be manifested in the International Community. This book also explores how inequality, socioeconomic deprivation and child poverty can be prevented in our global community - by implementing a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) in the International Community. In a world of inequality and political corruption, we should at least be assured that we will be able to feed, clothe and handle the simplest needs of human beings – hence implementing a basic income in the world is an important prerequisite to ensure basic human rights. Hence the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope must make a greater effort to manifest a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) in the International Community; so that God's children are provided for, and can live in peace and harmony with each other. NB: Pope Francis condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calling on all parties to make Peace, and encouraging the Russian people to implement a governmental change in Russia; since the Putin regime has reached a dead end. The Putin regime is responsible for grave human rights violations and war crimes in Ukraine - including sexual violence and rape. It is imperative that all Russian troops withdraw from Ukraine, so that Basic Human Rights and Child Rights are restored in Ukraine. Hence the NGO BTB-GLOBAL PEACEBUILDING and the Holy Sea - with all its friends, resources and other assets - including Mr. Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov - is giving the order to implement out of the ordinary measures to restore Peace and Prosperity in the world. Love and Light / God Bless, Mark


Publication Date
Aug 31, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mark O'Doherty




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But truth is not monolithic – it is informed by our belief systems"George Pell says 'some evidence but no proof' Vatican officials conspired to 'destroy' him / Comments to Italian media are the strongest cardinal has made alleging abuse charges may be linked to Vatican corruption investigationBasic Income Guarantee (BIG) - Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen (BGE) / "The Ethics of Basic Income": Basic income is ethically justified by its contribution to vital human needs / "The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee"The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) / "Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.Therefore it is imperative that the Catholic Church in Austria works together with NGO's, the press, politicians and academic activists; so that a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) can be manifested in the Republic of Austria.It is also imperative that the Catholic Church in Austria makes a greater effort to stop child abuse and pedophilia in Austria; so that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) can be protected and safeguarded in the Republic of Austria.Cardinals of the Austrian Catholic Church: Christoph Maria Michael Hugo Damian Peter Adalbert Graf von Schönborn, Cardinal Hans Hermann Groër, Cardinal Franz König, Cardinal Theodor Innitze, Cardinal Friedrich Gustav Piffl, Cardinal Franz Xavier NaglBishops of the Catholic Church in Vienna / Weihbischöfe der Erzdiözese Wien: Franz Scharl, Stephan Turnovszky, Helmut Krätzl / Bishops of Sankt Pölten: Bishop Alois Schwarz, Bishop Anton Leichtfried and Bishop Klaus Küng, Bishop Emeritus of Sankt PöltenBishops of the Catholic Church in Salzburg: Archbishop Franz Lackner, Archbishop of Salzburg / Bishop Hansjörg Hofer, Auxiliary Bishop of Salzburg / Archbishop Alois Kothgasser, Archbishop Emeritus of Salzburg, AustriaBishop of the Catholic Church in Innsbruck: Bishop Hermann Glettler / Bishops of the Austrian Military: Bishop Werner Freistetter and Bishop Christian Werner / Archbishop Peter Stephan Zurbriggen, Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to AustriaHEALING AND OVERCOMING COVID-19 IN THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY / THE TIMES OF ISRAEL"Israeli study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D’s power to fight COVID" / Bolstering previous research, scientists publish data showing strong link between vitamin deficiency, prevalent in Israel, and death or serious illness among patients.“What we’re seeing when vitamin D helps people with COVID infections is a result of its effectiveness in bolstering the immune systems to deal with viral pathogens that attack the respiratory system”HEUTE: "So schnell entscheidet das Höchstgericht über Impfpflicht" / Seit Montag ist die Impfpflicht in Österreich ein Fall für den Verfassungsgerichtshof VfGH. Es ist ein Auftakt für Klagen – und jetzt geht es schnell."Sind ratlos" – unerklärliche Wendung bei Coronatests" / Im Corona-Krisenstab kriselt es – und zwar in Sachen Coronatests. Symptome, Antigentest positiv – aber vermutlich Infizierte werden negativ PCR-getestet.Hence we strongly encourage Austria's ÖVP government - in particular my friend Karl Nehammer - to put an end to discriminations against unvaccinated men, women and children - and make Covid jabs only voluntary so that the UDHR can be restored in Austria.RUSSIA TODAY: "Russia announces troop withdrawal" / DER STANDARD: Russland - Moskauerin: "Die normalen Bürger unterstützen keine Feindseligkeiten" / DIE PRESSE: "Russland meldet Manöver-Ende auf der Krim"KYIV POST: "Pope Francis calls for every effort for peace in Ukraine" / In his Sunday’s Angelus prayer Pope Francis made an appeal to the conscience of political leaders to make every effort for peace in Ukraine. Indeed, I also pray for peace in Ukraine.RUSSIA TODAY: "Pope Francis accuses childless pet owners of selfishness" / "Meet the westerners going child-free to save the planet" / Once considered a ‘given’ of adulthood, giving birth is now something many women of childbearing age are opting out of.So there are certainly some pretty cool publications on 'Russia Today' :) I actually intend to visit Mother Russia pretty soon now - so we can then exchange some cool ideas, and perhaps also put some mystic and metaphysical stuff on RT :)REUTERS: "Pope says threat of war in Ukraine causes 'pain in my heart' " / Pope Francis condemned actions "destabilising coexistence among nations and discrediting international law".Francis, speaking in a sombre tone at the end of his weekly general audience, also urged politicians to make "a serious examination of conscience before God" about the effects of their actions.CNN: "Zelensky's compelling question: What is the UN for?" / The Ukraine crisis is far from the first time that the UN's impotence has failed to act to prevent atrocities. But the onslaught in Ukraine is really exposing the limits of this institution.Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council, can effectively veto investigations into its own alleged crimes.The NGO BTB-GLOBAL PEACEBUILDING and the Holy Sea - with all its friends resources and other assets - including Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov - is giving the order to implement out of the ordinary measures to restore Peace and Prosperity in the world.MOSCOW TIMES: "Russia Jails Anti-War Journalist 6 Years for ‘Fake News’" / “It’s enough to open the Constitution and read it to prove my innocence. No totalitarian regime has ever been as strong as before its collapse” she said in the defiant last word.SAVE THE CHILDREN: "Grim milestone reached in Ukraine: 1000 children confirmed killed or injured" / An average of five children have been killed or injured in Ukraine every day according to a Save the Children analysis of verified UN data.Hence it is imperative that Peace is restored between Ukraine and Russia to stop the killing of Children. This includes the withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukrainian territory - to restore International Human Rights Law (IHRL) and the UNCRC.KYIV POST: "UN Chief: Russia Brought 'Living Hell' to Ukrainians" / UN Chief condemns Russia's war in his strongest statement so far as UN Security Council honors the victims / Indeed. Hence Putin must resign so that Peace can be resored.TIMES OF ISRAEL: "Israel joins UN resolution calling for Russia to leave Ukraine" / Hence we are calling on all Russian People to remove Putin from office so that Ukraine's territorial integrity can be upheld and Peace can be restored.SAVE THE CHILDREN: "As the war enters its second year there is still no safe place for children in Ukraine. Every war is a war against children." Hence the FSB should come over to our side - the side of Goodness and Humanity.TASS: "Putin calls on FSB to continue to help Russian army during special military operation" / NOVAYA GAZETA: "А Chain of Wars a Chain of Crimes a Chain of Impunity". Hence the FSB should come over to our side - the side of Goodness and Humanity.TASS: "Russia confronted with whole empire of diverse enemies says Medvedev" / MEDIAZONA: “Russia must leave Ukraine alone and withdraw all of its troops.”. So Medvedev should come over to our side: The side of Goddness and Humanity.MEDIAZONA: “Russia must leave Ukraine alone and withdraw all of its troops.” / Alexei Navalny published his anti-war political platform which he called “15 theses of a Russian citizen who desires the best for their country.”FRANCE 24: "Russian invasion has ravaged Ukraine but also left serious mental scars" / MOSCOW TIMES: "Russian Attack on Ukraine Station a 'War Crime': HRW" / ‘War Has a Cost’: The Journalists Tallying Russia’s Dead Soldiers"It should also be noted that the borders of both Ukraine and Russia have been internationally recognized and defined in 1991 - with Russia's President Boris Yeltsin recognizing Ukraine's independence. Hence Russia should honour this agreement.We encourage the People of Russia to arrange a peaceful governmental change by making Vladimir Putin resign from office - so that Peace can be restored in the world. God Bless / Президент Российской Федерации / POTUS / The Crown / European Union-Vatican

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