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Healing the Russian Intelligence Community - Protecting and Safeguarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the FSB, SVR and GRU

ByMark O'Doherty

“Together we will turn our country into the beautiful Russia of the future.” - Alexei Navalny Dear Global Citizens, The NGO BTB-Global Peacebuildings aims to manifest Peace in the Global Community, and eliminate nuclear weapons. Hence we have founded the International Peacebuiling Alliance (IPA) - to replace NATO, the Russian Armed Forces, United States Armed Forces and EU/UK/AU/Chinese/South African/Finnish/Danish/Norwegian Armed Forces. The International Peacebuiling Alliance (IPA) is above all other governments - even above the United States, AU, UK, Russia, Israel, Japan, India, China, France, Iran, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Korea and the EU - so that the UDHR, International Law and complete nuclear disarmament can be manifested in the Global Community. NB: The corrupt Putin regime is responsible for the killings of Human Rights Activists and critics of the evil regime; such as Alexei Navalny and Boris Nemtsov. Putin is also responsible for war crimes against fellow Global Citizens in Ukraine. Hence we order the arrest of Mr Putin, so that he can be brought to Justice for war crimes, as stipulated by the International Criminal Court. In the meantime the United States, UK, EU, Russia and Israel-Palestine will be governed by the NGO BTB-Global Peacebuilding. Love and Light / 老天保佑 / God Bless / Россия хочет быть счастливой! / Peace Profound. Mark Afra - BTB-Global Peacebuilding. IPA/UNITED NATIONS - AU - POTUS - THE PENTAGON - UNASUR - UK/EU - ICC/Президент Российской Федерации - President of China / 中华人民共和国主 - President of the Middle East جامعة الدول العربية - נשיא מדינת ישראל / משיח-ٱلْمَهْدِي NB: Drought-induced water scarcity is a big problem in the world; since water is vital for everything we want to do: it allows us to grow food, run industries and businesses, cook and clean our homes, and manage our wastes. Water-related violence and conflict caused by water scarcity has increased around the world. With a rising global population of 8 Billion People we simply need more water. Hence we encourage the Global Community to provide funding, technology and University Education for Seawater Desalination. The Global mean sea level has risen about 25 cm since 1880, and will continue to rise. Hence the logical plan is to divert desalinated seawater into the dry land mass of Earth - in particular Africa, the Middle East and India. We invite all Global Citizens to participate in this very important mission; which might well save Humanity.


Publication Date
Jan 27, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mark O'Doherty




Navalny accuses the Federal Security Service (FSB) of carrying out the poisoning on Putin's orders, a claim the Kremlin has repeatedly denied.Leonid Volkov, the head of Navalny's regional network, told AFP that organizers had decided to gather protesters at the FSB because they are the "poisoners"So the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) need to improve themselves and finally honour and respect the UDHR- otherwise the FSB must be made illegal and shut-down.This also inludes the director of the FSB; namely Mr. Alexander Bortnikov. Otherwise Director Alexander Vasilyevich Bortnikov must be removed from office.The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons / ICANICAN received the Nobel Peace Prize for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons and for its ground-breaking efforts to achieve a treaty-based prohibition of such weapons.Counteracting poverty and inequality in the International Community"The world's 10 richest people made $540bn in a year – we need a greed tax" / Jeff Bezos made $13bn in one day last year; and he’s not the only one getting rich during the Covid crisis. When are they going to be made to give some of it back?In December 2020, the total wealth of billionaires worldwide hit $11.95tn - equivalent to the recovery spending of all the G20 governments put togetherThe billionaires' fortunes rose due to rebounding stock markets and a "rigged economy", causing rising inequality during the "worst economic downturn in a century".The 26 richest people in the world - who are holding as much wealth as half the global population - should make a greater effort to prevent the devastating effects of child starvation and malnutrition; by helping to implement a Global Basic Income (GBI).Global Basic Income Foundation: "Poverty should be and can be eradicated, and it is the responsibility of humanity as a whole to guarantee every human being the means to satisfy basic needs and to live a worthy live."The right to life, the right to social security and the right to an adequate standard of living are acknowledged by the member states of the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Articles 3, 22 and 25.1).Hence we should learn from history and avoid another frightful French Revolution. So we better all pull up our socks here, so that we all can live in peace and harmony with each other :)KYIV POST: "The West underestimated Ukraine’s bravery. Now, it’s underestimating Russia’s brutality" / "Western countries sign joint statement on urgent need to modernize Ukrainian air defense" / BBC: "Eight die in Russian strike on Kyiv shopping centre"THE MOSCOW TIMES: "Civilians Flee Eastern Ukraine After Deadly Railway Station Attack" / "Berlusconi Saddened by Friend Putin's Behavior" / "60 Russian Paratroopers Refuse to Fight In Ukraine" / "How Russia Hides its Military Casualties"THE GUARDIAN: "Russia-Ukraine war" / "Putin is killing civilians" / "Pope Francis calls for an Easter ceasefire" / Pope Francis called the war a folly that was leading to heinous massacres and atrocious cruelty against defenceless people.ALJAZEERA: "Russia-Ukraine live news: UN says over 4.5 million have fled war" / ALARABIYA NEWS: "Ukraine’s Dnipro airport ‘destroyed’ by Russian shelling" / CNN: "Soaring food and fuel prices are tipping countries over the edge."THE MOSCOW TIMES: "I Don’t Want to Be Cannon Fodder: Panic and Fear as Russia Begins Mobilization" / GUARDIAN: "Biden denounces Putin’s nuclear threats as ‘reckless’ in UN address" / NOVAYA GAZETA: "Putin announces the end of Russia."MOSCOW TIMES: "How (Not) to Interpret Russian Political Talk Shows" / "Navalny Urges West to Breach ‘Putin’s Propaganda’ Via Social Media" / So nowadays our primary source of information should not be Talk Shows but rather the Internet and the Press.HEALING ENGLAND / GUARDIAN: "Professions heal yourselves – only you can make the public sector better value for money" / Rishi Sunak should complete Thatcher’s challenge and ask doctors barristers, teachers and academics to embrace change."England show their true colours with meek surrender in armband fiasco" / The threat of sporting 'sanctions' from Fifa was enough for England to abandon their principles / "Virgil van Dijk denies lacking backbone over OneLove armband controversy"So on behalf of MI6 - and the European Intelligence Community - I would like to emphasize that they should not worry about their surrender in the armband fiasco and having been finessed by FIFA. We'll take care of it, as playing Bridge is our forte :)"Die Another Day at 20: is the reviled Bond movie worth a second look?" / The 20th film was ripe for ridicule but it’s a smarter film than many think. / So this is a great English film being symbolic of MI6 and the Power of the British Press :)CNN: "Russia’s Rambo – once a Putin favorite – says he’d now fight for Ukraine and feels ‘nothing but hatred’ for his home country" / So I symphasize with the Russian Armed Forces that the war is ripping the fabric of Russian society apart.However, I actually warned the Russian people - including the Russian Armed Forces - about the horrors and suffering a war between Russia and Ukraine would cause; shortly before Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian invasion on Ukraine.So in the name of Humanity - and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) - I expect the Russian Armed Forces to restore Peace and Harmony in Russia, by arresting Vladimir Putin and putting him on trial for crimes against Humanity.CNN: "Putin's former speechwriter says a military coup is becoming a possibility in Russia" / "Wagner Commander Who Fled Russia Details Summary Executions" / Hence the Russian Armed Forces must arrest Vladimir Putin for crimes against Humanity.GUARDIAN: "Boris Johnson and Liz Truss urge Rishi Sunak to send fighter jets to Ukraine" / Hm. Interesting notion. As far as I know the Royal Air Force is rather a mess though and not capable of any serious air raids on Moscow. But we'll see :)GUARDIAN: "Angela Merkel says she lost influence over Putin as a lame duck leader" / Germany’s former chancellor defends her actions amid barrage of accusations since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So we are very disappointed with Putin's bad behaviour :(Hence we are expecting our colleagues in Russia to make Peace with Ukraine - and uphold the Legacy of Peace of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin - by making Vladimir Putin resign from office; which is a prerequisite for Peace Talks.MOSCOW TIMES: "Navalny Sets Out 15-Point Plan for Russia's Post-War Development" / GUARDIAN: ‘We do our work because we are angry’: Navalny’s right-hand woman Maria Pevchikh on taking on Putin / Hence Putin must resign from office. Period.CNN: "Everything is sinking: Wagner leader on key issue he's facing" / "Exiled Russian journalists share how some Russians feel about the invasion" / "US formally accuses Russian forces of crimes against humanity". True words indeed by Kamala Harris.THE SUN: "HELL ON EARTH Inside Russia’s sick ‘Nazi-style ghettos’ where Ukrainians are ‘forced to work or fight’ & infected are ‘left to die’" / Children are seen inside "re-education camps" where they are allegedly cleansed of their Ukrainian heritage.ALARABIYA NEWS: "Russia will be defeated in Ukraine like Nazis were defeated in WWII: Zelenskyy" / MOSCOW TIMES: "Russia Set for Muted Victory Day as Ukrainian Counteroffensive Looms". Hence Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov must make Peace. Period.MOSCOW TIMES: "Russian Anti-War Activist Dies in Police Custody Lawyer Says" / "Ukrainian Civilians Tortured in Russian Jails – Meduza" / Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 created about 8 million refugees. Hence Peace must be restored. Period.AFRICA NEWS: "An African mediation mission will visit Russia and Ukraine" / "South Africa's Ramaphosa headed to Ukraine Russia for Peace Mission" / The African Peace Mission should keep in mind that the aggression by Putin is against International Law.However, as Acting President of Russia I also have a moral obligation to make sure that a peaceful governmental change takes place in Russia. Love and Light / President of Russia, Mark - Президент Российской Федерации.Hence we encourage all Russian Civil Servants to come over to our side - the side of Goodness Humanity and Justice - and end the evil Putin regime; so that International Human Rights Law can be restored in both Russia and Ukraine.It should also be noted that the borders of both Ukraine and Russia have been internationally recognized and defined in 1991 - with Russia's First President Boris Yeltsin recognizing Ukraine's independence. Hence Russia should honour this agreement.ALJAZEERA: "Russia jails Navalny campaigner Vadim Ostanin for ‘extremism’ " / Russia jails Navalny campaigner Lilia Chanysheva for ‘extremism’" / Both Lilia Chanysheva and Vadim Ostanin have been jailed on bogus charges and must be released. PeriodMOSCOW TIMES: "Meet Putin’s Possible Election Opponent: A Single Mother of 3 Calling for Peace" / Yekaterina Duntsova a journalist from the Tver region announced her bid for the presidency. / Great! We wish Yekaterina best of luck :)NB: Putin must resign - it's simple logic. Once Putin has been replaced with a new decent leader we will support Compromise and Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine 100%. Love and Light, Mark / UN - Президент Российской Федерации - EU/UKGUARDIAN: "Ukraine’s top general refuses request from Zelenskiy to step down". Personality clashes blamed for conflict between president and commander Valerii Zaluzhnyi. / We order Valerii and Zelenskiy to defeat the Putin regime and make Peace.ALJAZEERA: "At least 5 dead in attacks across Ukraine" / KYIV INDEPENDENT: "Russia launches large-scale missile drone attack against Ukraine". We order MI6 to bring all evildoers in Russia to Justice who kill Children. UN / THE CROWNMOSCOW TIMES: "Alexei Navalny Putin Foe and Political Prisoner Dead at 47" / "Alexei Navalny’s Last Weeks in an Arctic Prison" / GUARDIAN: "How will Russia remember Alexei Navalny?" / Russia will be Happy! Россия хочет быть счастливой!GUARDIAN: "Thousands of Ukrainians have been sent to Russian prisons. Ukraine says they’re being held as bargaining chips" / Hence we call on the People of Russia - including the Kremlin - to end the evil Putin regime. Президент Российской ФедерацииGUARDIAN: "Global defence budget jumps to record high of $2440bn" / Hence the International Peacebuiling Alliance (IPA) has replaced all military organizations in the world - to manifest World Peace and Child Rights (UNCRC) in the Global Community.CNN: "House Intelligence Committee finds CIA mishandled sexual assault and harassment claims" / Indeed. Sexual harassment is a big problem in the CIA. Hence we call on Archangel Ariel to restore Sexual Harmony in the CIA. / IPA-POTUSNB: We offer an Amnesty to collaborateurs of the Putin regime if they contribute to end the corrupt Putin regime - to prevent further loss of Life and to restore International Law, the UDHR and Freedom of Speech. Президент Российской Федерации/POTUS

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