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The Legacy of the Second Kurz Government - A Dictatorial Government perpetrating Inequality, Oppression and Human Rights Violations in the Republic of Austria

ByMark O'Doherty

Dear All, Since the 19th century democracy has spread to more parts of the world. Nations that were formerly governed by narrow elites for their own benefit extended voting rights, education, welfare and social security to larger swaths of their populations. But over the last two decades, many political scientists have noted a reverse trend: growing economic inequality combined with the rise of autocratic leaders, weakening democratic institutions and weakening rule of law in country after country. Democracies are the best place to put your money, because they have courts that are more or less independent. As a result, a huge tidal wave of money started to move into democracies. With the money came a sort of kleptocratic spirit. So if you’re going to buy a big house, why not also buy a politician? Why not try to manipulate a court case? What started to happen was that democratic institutions started to be manipulated by kleptocrats. A main source of this kleptocratic money came from Russia and the rest of the former Soviet Union. The superpowers and the old imperial powers were essentially replaced by corporate powers. So throughout the world, rulers, including elected rulers, are increasingly wielding power through corruption. This includes the Austrian political establishment – in particular the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP). Unwilling to implement much-needed reforms in the country, the ÖVP/GREEN government - under the leadership of Karl Nehammer - is responsible for perpetrating inequality, corruption and criminal activities in the Republic of Austria - epitomized by the Ibiza affair in 2019. Even though ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has been brought to justice, the corrupt ÖVP/GREEN Government is still at large, having evaded Justice up until now. This must change. This applies in particular to ÖVP leader Karl Nehammer - who is responsible for corruption, human rights violations and rule-of-law violations in the European Union. Furthermore, it's uncertain to what extent Karl Nehammer was connected to the Ibiza-gate in 2019. It would seem Karl Nehammer was party to some shady deals and illegal activities in the Austrian government. Hence it is imperative that the Judiciary of Austria brings all corrupt politicians to Justice. However, it should also be noted that corruption is in general a big problem among European politicians - most of them being rather unethical people and lacking a moral compass - who need to be brought to Justice.


Publication Date
Feb 1, 2021
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By (author): Mark O'Doherty




Sebastian Kurz, Werner Kogler, Karoline Edtstadler, Susanne RaabKarl Nehammer, Alexander Schallenberg, Alma Zadić, Rudolf AnschoberChristine Aschbacher, Klaudia Tanner, Heinz Faßmann, Leonore GewesslerElisabeth Köstinger, Margarete Schramböck, Gernot BlümelMagnus Brunner, Andrea Mayer, Ulrike LunacekThe social contract needs to be restored in the world; otherwise a second French Revolution may well be necessary.The right to life, the right to social security and the right to an adequate standard of living are acknowledged by the member states of the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Articles 3, 22 and 25.1).Therefore the implementation of a Basic Income Guarantee must be made into an absolute priority rule; so that peace and prosperity can be manifested for everybody in the International Community.Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) Article 4, Freedom from SlaveryIn today's world, governmental blocking of a basic income guarantee perpetuates master-slave moralities. Basic health care and fundamental freedoms must be ensured in the Republic of Austria."Covid-19 has revealed a pre-existing pandemic of poverty that benefits the rich": The World Bank’s flawed and misunderstood poverty benchmark has led to a deceptively positive picture and dangerous complacency"Dirty, anonymous money is destroying democracies, ‘Kleptopia’ author charges" / Tom Burgis says financial secrecy has made the world safe for kleptocrats, and warns Israel is no exceptionThroughout the world, rulers, including elected rulers, and politicians are increasingly wielding power through corruption.They enact policies to enrich themselves and a small clique of their cronies.This includes the Austrian political establishment – namely the "Second Kurz Government" – consisting of the Austrian People's Party (ÖVP) and the Austrian Green Party.Unwilling to implement any much-needed reforms in the country, the Austrian political establishment is a willing and guilty collaborator in perpetrating inequality, corruption and human rights violations."Navalny Supporters Defy Crackdown to Protest Across Russia" / Police detain over 5,000 nationwide and authorities lock down Moscow city center."Might Versus Right: Putin’s Bunker and the Protests Outside" / Putin’s willingness to resort to police batons has polarized society and radicalized those who are dissatisfied with his rule"Russian Oligarch Has $1.5Bln in Foreign Assets Frozen Due to Sanctions" / Russian metals tycoon Viktor Vekselberg has had more than $1.5 billion worth of foreign assets frozen as a result of U.S. sanctionsThe use of personal sanctions against Russian business figures has been thrust back into the spotlight, with calls for the West to levy new punishments against the Kremlin in response to the poisoning and arrest of leading Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny."True Beliefs and Opportunism: Navalny’s Tangled Political Development" / While Russia’s opposition leader has veered from liberalism to nationalism and populism, his core values center on anti-corruptionAlso, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) seems to be a big problem currently among Russian police and security officers - including the FSB.Also, Russian security officers perpetrating police violence, police brutality and civil rights violations should not be shielded by Russian authorities, but rather charged and convicted by the public prosecutor's office in Russia.THE GUARDIAN: "Austria's 'Ibiza scandal': what happened and why does it matter?" / Deputy chancellor and head of far-right party has resigned after video sting operation"NGOs condemn trial in Austria of ‘Ibizagate’ whistleblower" / Prosecution of Julian Hessenthaler will deter whistleblowing and risks infringing press freedoms, says groupDER STANDARD: "Das Ibiza-Video war Nehammer nicht der Rede wert" / Der Innenminister erzählte Justizministerin Alma Zadić über "Ermittlungserfolge" – aber nicht, dass die Polizei das Ibiza-Video gefunden hatte.POLITICO: “Kurz affair forces Austria to look in the mirror”: Despite a string of scandals, efforts to crack down on corruption haven’t gone very far / THE LOCAL: "ANALYSIS: The Kurz corruption scandal exposes Austria’s press freedom problems"DER STANDARD / Korruptionsverdacht: “WKStA will gegen ÖVP-Klubobmann Wöginger ermitteln“ / August Wöginger soll Thomas Schmid, damals Generalsekretär im Finanzressort, zum Amtsmissbrauch angestiftet haben. Die Justiz begehrt nun seine Auslieferung.This is certainly a step in the right direction, but it is imperative that the Austrian judicial system brings ALL corrupt officials in Austria to justice - in particular from the ÖVP - so that rule of law and democracy can be restored in Austria.THE GUARDIAN: "Police search European parliament offices as bribery inquiry grows" / Belgian prosecutors say 20 searches conducted since Friday prompting warning that EU’s credibility at stake.However I also would like to add that corruption is in general a big problem among European politicians - most of them being rather greedy and unethical people. So they should just grant EU citizens a Basic Income Guarantee as a counterbalance.NB: It is imperative that corrupt and criminal officials in the Austrian Government are brought to justice; so that Rule of Law and Basic Human Rights can be restored in Austria.However one problem may be, that the Austrian Minister of Justice - Alma Zadić - is technically a subordinate of Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler; both of whom stand accused of political corruption.So I would be happy to meet the Minister of Justice Alma Zadić and discuss a plan of action with her - to ensure that the wheels of justice run smoothly - so that corrupt politicians and right-wing extremists are brought to Justice.KYIV POST: "Zelensky’s Peace Proposal – Why Was it Rejected? Is Peace Possible?" / Your guide to Ukraine’s ten-point peace proposal. / So as acting President of Российская Федерация and the UK and US I am backing this Peace Proposal 100% :)GMX: "Türkis-Grün ist für Jean-Claude Juncker "keine Regierung mehr" / Ex-EU-Kommissionspräsident Jean-Claude Juncker teilt in einem Interview gegen die österreichische Regierung aus. / Juncker über Putin: "Eigentlich sehr gemocht"Juncker wies diesbezüglich darauf hin dass er als Christdemokrat "mit der ÖVP in der EVP unterwegs" sei. "Zur ÖVP meine ich: Es reicht nicht, sich das 'Christlich' auf die Fahnen zu schreiben, es aber nicht im Herzen zu tragen."Juncker sprach in dem Interview auch ausführlich über seine politische und persönliche Beziehung mit Kreml-Chef Wladimir Putin den er "eigentlich sehr gemocht" habe. "Ich war felsenfest davon überzeugt, dass dieser Krieg nicht stattfinden wird."Nun ist Juncker der Meinung dass es mit dem russischen Machthaber keinen Frieden geben könne. "Ich glaube, mit der Person Putin kann man das nicht. Vielleicht in die Wege leiten, aber nicht abschließen."TIMES OF ISRAEL: "Israelis now eligible for German and Austrian citizenship based on family heritage" / Great. Certainly a step in the right direction. So I'm expecting Austrian politicians to comply with this policy - including the FPÖ and ÖVP Party.TIMES OF ISRAEL: "‘A gun to the head’: Likud MKs decry reports AG could order Netanyahu to step down" / So if necessary the Attorney General and yours truly will order Bibi Netanyahu to step down. / The Mashiach משיח Mark O'DohertyALARABIYA NEWS: "Iranian schoolgirls ‘forced to watch porn’ to dissuade protests: Report" / Iranian security forces have been forcing schoolgirls to watch pornographic videos during mandatory sessions aimed at discouraging their participation.Around 1200 schoolgirls had been poisoned in recent days in two different cities. People have blamed the poisonings on the regime, saying that they are deliberate attacks and a form of revenge against schoolgirls for participating in protests.GUARDIAN: "Putin has gone mad from power: Kremlin critic Ilya Yashin speaks out from Russian prison" / As long as Putin retains power, war, or at least the threat of war, will be permanent / WIENER ZEITING: "Abschied von Gennady Kovshyk",CNN: "We will not stop fighting: Daughter of imprisoned Putin critic Alexey Navalny speaks out" / "See why a crowd laughed at a top Russian official" / TIMES OF INDIA: "Biden Scholz vow to punish Putin for war war in Ukraine". Keep up the good work :)ALARABIYA NEWS: "Security forces detain Iranian teen girls who publicly danced to Selena Gomez tune" / They were dancing to the famous Selena Gomez song with Rema Calm Down. The now-trending video was published on International Women’s Day.MOSCOW TIMES: "ICC Issues Arrest Warrant For Putin Over Alleged Ukraine War Crimes" / KYIV POST: "War Crimes Court Issues Putin Arrest Warrant" / CNN: "Russia scoffs but Putin could stand trial for alleged war crimes ICC chief prosecutor says"It should also be noted that the borders of both Ukraine and Russia have been internationally recognized and defined in 1991 - with Russia's President Boris Yeltsin recognizing Ukraine's independence. Hence Russia should honour this agreement.We encourage the People of Russia to arrange a peaceful governmental change by making Vladimir Putin resign from office - so that Peace can be restored in the world. Love and Light / Президент Российской Федерации / POTUS / UNITED NATIONS / EUThe NGO BTB-GLOBAL PEACEBUILDING and the Holy Sea - with all its friends, resources and other assets - is giving the order to implement out of the ordinary measures to restore International Law and Human Rights in the world.

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