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Crack! - a Pantomime in Two Acts

ByGraham RuttCatherine Laidler

A pantomime script for use by any group of people who want to entertain themselves and their friends, the authors are quite happy for you to alter any of the script providing it remains suitable for family entertainment. The central character is Dame Strong, who opens the play by discussing the meaning of life with a mirror. Dame Strong is ugly, and has a terrible secret, so dark that she tells no-one about it. Hearing of a potion that might make her more attractive, she sends her next door neighbours (three Fine Young Things called Dee Lisla, Sam Sun and Spare Part) to find the ingredients for this potion. Hearing all this, her sister (Marion) decides to run away to a nunnery. The evil butler (Wat Youwant) decides to send his minions to search for the ingredients, hoping to get them first and be in a position to make money by selling the potion to the Dame... The authors and the cast had great fun putting this pantomime on for their friends and hope you do too.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Graham Rutt, By (author): Catherine Laidler, By (author): Mark Rutt



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