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The HanuHanu Gita

The Renowned Giant Orange Monkey´s United-Nations-Sponsored Lecture Seies

ByMark The Mystic Activist

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We are living in terrifying times. The Mass of Humanity was only recently successfully convinced to enlist as masked members of an Ignoble Global Ninja Needle Cult – a Covidian Cult set on genetically modifying everything – people, dogs, spiders, rhododendrons, tadpoles, telescopes, lampposts, shoes… everything! As tadpoles grew third eyes, lampposts began to talk, and shoes began to walk – it was easy to become disheartened… Things were changing so fast! And the masked Ninja Needle Cultists – though sworn to silence, or, at most, muffled mumbling – were loud in their condemnation of those who would resist the Great Vision of a Genetically Modified Earth. Nevertheless, resist we did – and resist we continue to do! Yet deeper than our resistance is our affirmation of another way of being. An unmasked, uninjected way of being that values honesty, humility, courage, community, the rain, the sun, the insects, the fish – the whole freaky, amazing, bizarre, frightening, glorious Mystery of Existing – here, together, on Earth – wherever this is…. But it´s one thing to have values, and it´s another to live them. And the majority of humankind has been synaptically conditioned (more bluntly: brainwashed) into superficiality, disconnection and disempowerment. So most of us struggle to live our deepest values in our daily lives. And most of us don´t support each other in living our deepest values. So we might say we want to co-create communities, and a new culture based on deeper values – but unless we are able to live those values, day by day, together – how can that new culture emerge out of us? The HanuHanu Gita doesn´t hit us over the head with rights and wrongs, it doesn´t preach at us. It laughs at itself. And yet it is a holy book. It is a ´crazy wisdom´ comedy – full of weird, madcap meanderings and adventures, AND, woven into every word, there´s a loving kick up the arse, so that we can de-condition ourselves, actually walk our talk!


Publication Date
Aug 29, 2023
Personal Growth
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Mark The Mystic Activist


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)

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