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The Uprising of Man

A Proposal

ByMark The Mystic Activist

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The Uprising of Man aims to offer to men what feminism - in its most balanced, egalitarian, courageous essence - offered, and continues to offer, to women all over the world: empowerment, unity and dignity. It holds up a mirror to male socialisation - to how we as men have been ´masculinised´ and domesticated - and points a way through the mirror, so that each of us can become his own authority, no longer controlled by his socialisation. The Uprising Of Man invites each of us to be radically honest with himself, and explains how, through the courageous commitment to radical honesty, we find freedom, love and purpose. And because the personal is political, and because we live in an era of ecological emergency, The Uprising Of Man also presents the potential ecological, social, sexual, religious and political impact of many of us making such a profound commitment to ourselves. You can find out more about me, Mark, my most recent work, and other books I´ve written, here: I also have a small website specifically for my menswork: CONTENTS 1: A PROPOSAL A MEN’S LIBERATION MOVEMENT THE VISION 2: BECOMING THE CHANGE THE EXPERIENCE OF EQUALITY THE DIGNITY OF MAN BROTHER! BELONGING CENTRE TERROR THE RED PILL FISTS, TOES, WINGS, HEART, BRAIN AND BROTHERS AND SISTERS AT OUR SIDES 3: NOT-KNOWING LIVING BEYOND DEFINITION THE BIG HONESTY THE UNEXPECTED LIFE FREEDOM COLLECTIVE CONSTIPATION 4: RELIGION AND HONESTY NO TO MOTHER EARTH A NON-RELIGIOUS UPRISING TO MY RELIGIOUS BROTHER MORDOR GONE MAD: PROVISIONAL VEGANISM 5: POLITICAL CONSEQUENCE ABOVE THE LAW US AND THEM 99.999% PACIFISM SOLDIER DAY THE WARRIOR’S PEACE: A REDEMPTION SONG YOU ARE A PRODUCT THE CIRCUS OF LIES AN UPRISING OF ONE 6: MANHOOD THE ASHES OF SHAME BIG IS NOT BETTER A STYLE OF MANHOOD GREATNESS LIFE PURPOSE THE ARCHETYPE OF MAN FOR MEN & NOT AGAINST NON-MEN 7: GENDER THE HISTORY OF NIPPLES ANTI-GAY IT’S A BOY! NOR FEMININE SISTER, BREAST IMPLANTS AREN’T COOL AT ALL 8: SEXUALITY & RELATIONSHIP SEX, RELATIONSHIP & THE RESHAPING OF SOCIETY IN HONESTY I RELATE NEVER LET YOUR PARTNER DRESS YOU! HONEST RELATING, THE COUPLE & COMMUNITY ADVICE ON COMMITMENT JACK HAS AN ARGUMENT WITH HIS EX THE SCIENCE OF RELATING 9: RISING UP INTERESTED? METAFOCUS THE CALL TO UNITY FREETHINKERS – STEP FORWARD! 10: END NOTES ACTION BROTHERHOOD ABOUT ME: THE ONGOING UPRISING OF MARK


Publication Date
Jul 15, 2023
Personal Growth
Creative Commons Zero (CC 0)
By (author): Mark The Mystic Activist


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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