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You Are Not A Fit Person: A guide to getting fit and staying fit

ByMark Vaughan

You Are Not A Fit Person is a statement of the difference between yourself and fit people. We all know fit people, they get up early to exercise, they are the first to leave the party and they look down their noses at our fast food choices. These people are nothing like us, yet we have lined up to get fitness advice from them. We don’t need their routines to lose weight and get fit, you need your own. Routines that work with your lifestyle, routines that help you to finally allow exercise and better eating into your life. You don’t need another ‘new and fat busting’ set of exercises for the gym, you need to find ways to embrace exercise. You don’t need another ‘Chick Pea and Tofu Omelette’ recipe, you need to find ways to eat your steak and still be fit. That is what You Are Not A Fit Person is about. It is about finding solutions that will work for you in your lifestyle. It is a fitness book for us, the ‘diet resistent’.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Health & Fitness
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mark Vaughan



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