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Thoughts, A Collection

Thoughts, A Collection

ByMarshall Nelson

With this book, you will be able to travel to the depths of meaning and truth with the poems, “The Sidewalk”, “Heaven”, and “Types of People”. “Types of People” is the author’s favorite piece and is inspired by the poem spoken/written by Amanda Gorman, titled “The Hill We Climb”. You, as a reader, can get a real-life insight to what really goes on in American society. These poems all together project the author’s love and appreciation for poetry and the power this art form holds. With this selection of poems, you can learn the realistic depiction of life in America as a person of color, how it feels to be distracted at a classic passtime, why we question afterlife, and much more. Of course, each reader will have their own perspective, but having someone interpret the pieces and spark conversation over the topics is the goal. The short biographical story of family, interests, and love of creation called “Music”, is a peek into the author’s life as he explains a few favorite artists and their impact on the music and fashion world. It’s a relatable and easy read that still holds value to the book as a whole. This work is a great group of pieces from the author and were purposely selected for making a collection in this book. Each body of writing is unique and was written with care. It is for any reader who is interested in poetry and deep topics. It’s a well recommended and well rounded portion of literature.


Publication Date
May 18, 2022
Young Adult
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Marshall Nelson



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