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Catholics and the American Revolution

Volume II

ByMartin I. J. Griffin

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The Contents of this book present in a more compact and ready-to-use form the articles on CATHOLICS AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION which appeared in THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC HISTORICAL RESEARCHES 1906 and 1907. Though somewhat disjointed in the manner of presentation they are yet a revelation of the activity of Catholics in the endeavor for Liberty and Inde­pendence and in the achievement of Freedom. No desire existed nor was effort made to present solely pro-Revolutionary matter. Such counter information which came to the surface has also been used if only to show that among Catholics as among all other classes of the colonists there existed a division of opinion. Laudation of "The Patriot" or condemnation of "The Loyalist" bas not been indulged in. The only desire bas been to present some of the records showing transactions in which Catholics were engaged without regard to the position which the actors held in the great struggle for political Right and Social Reform. My purpose bas not been to write a connected history of the services of Catholics of the Revolution, but simply to supply a portion of the material for such a graphic and thoughtful study of the subject by those indisposed to seek the information from original sources or illy adapted by mental indisposi­tion from engaging in the tedious work of seeking it. This Volume, though containing so much illustrative of the activity of Catholics, very inadequately shows the available material relating to the sub­ject. The absence of any relation of the careers of Commodore John Barry, General Stephen Moylan and his brothers, of Captain Thomas FitzSimons, of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, of Kosciusko, of Oliver Pollock, of Father Gibault, or Colonel Francis Vigo, of General DuCoudray, and others of the French Officers and Chaplains and many others conspicuous for services in the great Battle for Freedom, as well as those of lesser but most worthy names, known and unknown, of our coreligionists makes this record of CATHOLICS AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION now presented incomplete without their services being presented to the country. So I must strive to complete the record more fully and show a more extended manifestation of the services Catholics gave to the winning of the Independence of our Country. (The Author)


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Jun 21, 2021
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By (author): Martin I. J. Griffin


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