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A THRILLER in Every Corner

A THRILLER in Every Corner

An unofficial and unauthorised source guide to Brian Clemens’ 1970s ATV suspense anthology

ByMartin Marshall

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Britain’s most widely seen and commercially successful genre anthology, a 1970s ITV Saturday night hit and one of the few British series networked in the US as part of ABC-TV’s ‘Wide World of Entertainment’, THRILLER features Hitchcock-style psychological suspense alongside tales of supernatural horror. 43 extra-length episodes spotlight mystery, twists, dark humour and whodunit themes, classical Hollywood homage and outlandish espionage. Devised and predominantly scripted by Brian Clemens - famed producer/writer during the filmed era of ‘The Avengers’ and the creative force behind ‘The Professionals’ - and given the green light by Lew Grade’s ATV, this extensively researched book documents the chronological life cycle of the show - anchored by first-hand recollections of those involved on both sides of the camera and with access to paperwork including studio schedules, press releases, promotional material and videotape logs. From background and inspiration to genesis, via development, production and international broadcast to re-versioning, influence/legacy and a 21st Century return to public consciousness through multiple DVD releases - this is the intriguingly convoluted story of THRILLER.


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Nov 18, 2020
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By (author): Martin Marshall


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