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Standing In The Kitchen At Parties

Standing In The Kitchen At Parties

ByMartin S. SmithMisty Vale

We’ve all been there: stuck at a party where things just aren’t working. The music’s lame, the seats are all taken and you only know two people, one of whom you hate. So you take the only sensible option open and go stand in the kitchen, having your pick of the drinks and food. But it’s not always bad. Stand in the kitchen at this party and you’ll get to experience some great stories. Like the one about the ship that went down near a particularly zen type of fish. And the one about the murder set up to stream live over the internet. Or how about the one about being trapped in a comic convention with a hoard of addled SF fans? All this and more! So grab a drink, find a good bit of wall to lean against and have some fun.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Martin S. Smith, By (author): Misty Vale, By (author): Nick Bryan, By (author): Michelle Keays, By (author): Lizzie Rogers, By (author): Max Sandall, By (author): Anton Nelson, By (author): Andrew Fleming



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