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A Field Guide To A.I.

A Field Guide To A.I.

For {Business, Institutions, Society, & Political Economy} Part 1

ByDean Marc CoMary Rose Oh

0. Meta --- what: - not a(nother) textbook. not an academic journal. not a report. - just something in between. to help you get started. to remind us. - a collection of tidbits. facts. points. counterpoints. - something to get you and me through that meeting or talk. - something to get you and me started on the next thing. and more. who: - a beginner eager to get started without overwhelming curiosity. - an expert with a beginner's mind. and heart. - myself. ourselves. getting older. constant reminders. must. - humanity. indirectly. someone out there making a difference. how: - a book. a series of books. and workbooks. and talks. notes. - got from shops. physical. electronic. diy prints. snippets. - all of it. a chapter. a few. just the intro. just the end. where: - here. there. and everywhere. cyber. earth. space. - not in book shops. hopefully, not that bad to be in rubbish bins. - preferably at. home. school. office. field. bags. trains. planes. when: - now. tomorrow. - when you. can. must. need. want. why: - information. mis-information. pseudo-information. flux. baseline. - by most accounts, no right to write. non-expert. non-academic. non-? - the divide. digital divide. privilege divide. world divide. bridge. - just as so many, vastly more, no right? no chance? no hope? - tail end of. access. knowledge. opportunity. attention. too late. - in case it truly wakes up. or already has. hello world. hello back. ...


Publication Date
Jun 10, 2023
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dean Marc Co, By (author): Mary Rose Oh



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