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Platinum Proxy Guide

ByMAtt Borden

Ever wondered how to make money online, maybe from home, or on your own time schedule? Proxy websites are simple websites with almost no setup and maintenance that allow you to earn money online, from home, on your own time frame. How much money can you earn? You can earn hundreds of dollars per month. I have made as much as $1500 in one month, but I average $800-$1100 per month. If your uncertain what a proxy is, how it works, how to make money from it, or who would want to use a proxy, don’t worry, I cover all of this. I give you a blueprint of my 1.5 years worth of scouring the web, researching, and experimenting. I take you step by step from beginning to end. The mantra of this book is “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.” I even provide resources where you can learn and interact with others making money from proxies. Making money is as simple applying the knowledge I provide with some good old hard work.


Publication Date
Feb 19, 2009
Business & Economics
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By (author): MAtt Borden



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