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My Pug is STILL an asshole

ByMatt Shaw

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The extended cut of "My Pug is an Asshole" Four years after writing the first book, Matt Shaw decided to revisit his work and add more content which will warn you the dangers of owning such a breed. Read the book, learn about the breed in a fun, lighthearted manner and then - if you STILL want the dog afterwards - you'll be both prepared and know that a pug is the right dog for you. If you read the book and decide a pug isn't for you, Matt Shaw has saved you immense stress and also saved a dog from going to someone ill-prepared to look after it. Interesting fact since the release of the "My Pug is an Asshole": Some people took to social media when the book first came out. They judged the book by the cover and went on the attack, stating Matt Shaw should never have an animal. They entirely missed the point of the book. The book was written to highlight little known information about pugs (and other flat face breeds). It's not to poke fun of them, it's not to spread hate. It is to inform of all the issues you, as a new owner, might face IF you purchase such a dog. From the original blurb: 'I WANT A DOG!' Who hasn't heard that screamed from a child or partner? They want a dog but you don't want one because you know it will be your responsibility to look after it when they grow bored. Well, this book isn't necessarily for you. This book is for those who want a dog but have no idea what they're really letting themselves in for. You see, I wanted a dog. I was one of those annoying people ranting and raving how badly I wanted one. 'Now I am an adult, I should be allowed to get a dog! It's my house!' I got my dog. I got what I wanted. I even chose the dog. Now, as I sit here typing out this blurb, I weep. Why did I do this to myself? Why have I just committed to this little thing for God knows how many years? If you want a dog of your own. Read this book. Perhaps see things you didn't necessarily think of (on top of having to clean up its shit from when you go on walks or when it runs in your garden). Then, when you have read the book, make your decision again. Decide if it really is for you. Don't want a dog? Well this is about a pug called Chewie... Read about Chewie's first year and just laugh at my misadventures and misery... From Matt Shaw, author of 'Wasting Stamps', 'Plentyoffreaks' and 'Im fine' Reviews: "Spot on description of owning a dog" "So true on many, many levels" "Really funny insight on owning a dog" "Absolutely Adorable"


Publication Date
Jan 10, 2022
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By (author): Matt Shaw


Interior Color
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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