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Diamond Dragons (Book III) - HARDCOVER

Courage is tempered by equivalent mastery over fear...

ByMatthew CarauddoMatthew Carauddo

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DIAMOND DRAGONS III: "Courage is tempered by equivalent mastery over fear...". Freeing the mysterious centurion known as Isochrolnius proved to be wise. With the armored alien's aid, Jackralvian and his heroic team of dragons triumphed over not one, but TWO wars. The icy Black Tower of the Daiemokszhi (black dragons) was utterly smashed. And Nitrozite's failed siege upon Castle Kessoshaero only earned the skeletal dragon dismemberment! But though Jackralvian offered mercy to his deadly foes, far worse perils loomed over the entire planet... The puzzling enigma of "Armageddon's Ballad"--a cryptic collection of ancient lyrics and music--haunted Jackie's already tortured mind. Clearly, the poetry's connection in unlocking Isochrolnius from his magical prison was not coincidental. Some cosmic countdown had now begun, but few--if any--knew precisely what it signified. Yet this was not all. A one-on-one, non-physical, magic-only duel of honor would soon take place. Two magicians would engage, but only one would remain. And once the match began, none were permitted to intervene with this spellcaster's battle. Time was now their only resource, and wisdom was required for survival. But such lofty quests neither marked the beginning nor end of Jackralvian's trials. Trials that would not only test his stalwart courage, but also... his darkest FEARS!


Publication Date
Dec 20, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Matthew Carauddo, Illustrated by: Matthew Carauddo, Edited by: Matthew Carauddo, Cover design or artwork by: Matthew Carauddo


Linen Wrap
Interior Color
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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