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The Betta Fish Owners Guide: How to Choose and Care for Healthy and Happy Betta Fish

ByMatthew Debanks

Before you take your Betta fish home you want to make sure that it is completely healthy. The following section will describe how you can confirm that your new Betta fish has been well treated in the pet store and will live a long and healthy life once you get it home. The first thing to look at is the body. Check to see if there are any noticeable bumps on the body of the Betta fish. You should also look out for any deformed or missing scales as there are also signs that the Betta fish has been sick in the past. The other big warning sign you want to look out for is an extended abdomen. If the bottom of the fish is bloated then this is a very good sign that the Betta fish is sick and should be avoided. One thing to bear in mind is that a sick Betta fish may have spread its disease to other fish inside the same tank. If you notice a sick Betta fish do not purchase any others from that tank and you might want to consider making your purchase at a different pet store.


Publication Date
May 8, 2012
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Matthew Debanks



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