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The Church Music of Davide Perez: a catalogue in progress

ByMauricio Dottori

A catalogue of Davide Perez's (1711-1778) church music. Perez was one of the greatest Neapolitan composers of the eighteenth century. His generation, which also had names such as Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Niccolò Jommelli, was responsible for the enormous prestige that opera seria had during their times. But, because of his religious character and personal devotions, Perez had also a long and strong commitment to church music. This commitment was reflected not only in the large number of pieces Perez composed, or in the dramaticism of his later music, but also in the knowledge and command he had on the traditional technical possibilities of church styles. It is hoped that this catalogue will make Davide Perez’s church music better known, and help to confirm his position — like his contemporaries believed — as one of the greatest Italian composers of the century.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
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By (author): Mauricio Dottori



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