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Claiming the Portable Home/ Creative Acts of Identity Placemaking within the Networked Digital Domain

ByMegan Smith

The digital revolution and the arrival of the internet have shifted the global social environment. This change in society has enabled new collaboration and partnership, access to and accumulation of previously unobtainable data, and it has transformed methods of communication. This research imaginatively stepped into this new space to produce works of new media art that investigated placemaking within the digital domain. The project drew on the open-source culture and methods of hacking social media to engage with syndicated public content on the internet, handheld technologies, and geo-located datasets. Emphasis was placed on uncovering behavioral situation generated through the networked culture of the internet and developing original methods of storytelling that relay socially useful narratives. It engaged with the concept that the global community is forming a new culturescape that is impacting on the evolution of creativity, politics and the sciences.


Publication Date
Sep 28, 2011
Art & Photography
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By (author): Megan Smith



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