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Hezaro chand shab

One Thousand and Some Nights

ByMehdi Mousavi

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"One thousand and some nights", is the 16th book of Seyed Mehdi Moosavi, and his latest postmodern novel that has been written in the form of a "frame story" as a parody of the famous & old tale "one thousand and one nights." The story follows "Hussain", an Iranian author who has immigrated to Europe due to social and political reasons. But he expresses a different cause for his immigration each time! So it could be hard for the readers to trust this narrator! One night, his wife "Shahrzad" woke him up while aims a gun at him and keep asking a scary question: "how could you?" While hussain is thinking that this question refers to which one of his betrayals, he suddenly falls into three memories of the past from the present. In the few seconds, before the bullets fired, we go back in time in Hussain's mind and review his memories to find out what was the reason for Shahrzad's decision? This lengthy flashback is also a postmodern travelogue that takes the reader to different times and places. In addition to the main plot, the chapters include different stories that the characters are telling each other. As they are talking about their adventures, each fiction shapes in the heart of another and the form gets more complicated. Meanwhile, in a romantic narrative background, the novel deals with the most fundamental philosophical challenges of contemporary humans.


Publication Date
Jul 11, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mehdi Mousavi


Linen Wrap
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Black & White
Royal (6.14 x 9.21 in / 156 x 234 mm)

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