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The Spiritual Revolution: Guide to Spiritual Development & Independence

ByMeilena Hauslendale

For centuries we have been faced with the choice of labels verses desire to lead a spiritual life without restrictions. Now we are empowered with the ability and knowledge to seek and discover our own universal path, leading us back to the unity we were intended to pursue as part of the whole. Embrace this moment and pursue the truth within yourself and prepare for the magnificent time of the spiritual revolution, where old meets new. Challenge yourself with the intimacy of the 11 spiritual exercises presented in this book. Learn how to step out of the mold and create your own spiritual foundation and identity: - Review your spiritual influences - Evaluate your own spiritual needs - Identifying your spiritual guides - Awareness of spiritual interventions - Recognizing positive and negative energies - Learn how to be spiritual in a physical world - Why negative situations happen to positive people - Learn how to find your spiritual partner


Publication Date
Nov 21, 2009
Personal Growth
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By (author): Meilena Hauslendale



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