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LEAD LIKE A GENIUS: How to outgrow the competition and transform our world

ByMelanie van de Velde

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Book launch Promo Code 15% off: BIGTREEGLOBAL15 (enter code at checkout, 1 use per customer). Forbes Books: "A Powerhouse for Sustainable Growth" Geniuses like Mozart, Einstein, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Da Vinci share one common trait that sets them apart from their peers. And it’s not their talent or a high IQ. What if you could use this secret to outgrow your competitors and increase your productivity and brand value? And create a 200–400% higher impact return and genuinely transform our world for the better? LEAD LIKE A GENIUS will take you on an inspirational journey through examples of genius from around the globe: initiatives that tackle climate change, the marine plastic crisis, pollution, poverty, inequality, and social exclusion exceptionally well. The book reveals why these achieve much better results than most. It provides thought-leading insights on avoiding common sustainability pitfalls and how to tackle our global issues for a far better return. The step-by-step guide is based on award-winning research nominated by the Social Innovation Research Director at Cambridge University. While simple to apply, it underpins our world’s most successful impact strategies. Once you have read LEAD LIKE A GENIUS, you will see the genius behind genuinely effective sustainable leadership. You will have a powerful tool to guide you in achieving the best outcomes that boost business growth; and the best outcomes that truly transform our world. “A must-read for anyone seeking inspiration to address global issues head-on. A truly exceptional book.” Igor Filart, Senior Manager ASICS Technology, Australia ​​​​​​​“An outstanding achievement. It has changed how I think about the subject forever.” Mark Logan, Former COO Skyscanner, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer Scottish Government, UK "A captivating, page-turning book. I learned more from this book than completing an entire sustainability business strategy course at Harvard Business School. That course at Harvard was excellent. This book is better. Everybody should read this." Matt Deasy, B Corp Leader, Business Sustainability Consultant, Portugal "Finally, a tool to help identify effective impact initiatives. The imperative to make a positive impact and deliver profits may seem paradoxical, but it is possible. Melanie has solved this with her simple, easy-to-adopt methodology to help businesses create powerful impact strategies." Mark Fallows, Founder Fabrica Collective & The Impossible Network, US


Publication Date
Jan 30, 2024
Business & Economics
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By (author): Melanie van de Velde


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