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He's Turned Into a Latina Girl

ByMelissa N

After being fired, Paul needs money fast. He's so desperate that he even accepted to be one of the volunteers of a mysterious research project funded by the government. Such experiment aims to analyze the influence of the environment on the formation of personality and individual habits. Thanks to a new secret technology, the scientists engaged in this project can change the appearance of the volunteers, and then the volunteers are sent to a new environment. Paul is informed that during the experiment he would have the appearance of another man for three weeks. However, someone very powerful wanted him to stay away for far more than three weeks. Paul is then transformed into a voluptuous Latin woman, and is deported to the Dominican Republic. Completely bewildered, Paul, now Rosa Pichardo, must learn to live as a woman in a completely unfamiliar place, while he thinks of a way to recover his true identity. How will he adapt to this new reality? Will he be able be a man again?


Publication Date
Jul 31, 2016
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Melissa N



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