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Writing in Community

An Anthology of the Second Year

BySherry TolputtMatthew Trinetti

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What a ride this has been! Another year has passed and we still write together, hour after hour, week after week and across the seasons of time. What started as a temporary space for quiet creativity during lockdown has turned into a place we would not want to write without. We could not have imagined such a beautiful constellation of writers and artists. We could not have foreseen that the answer to our writer’s block and loneliness might be as simple as asking writers to show up, and write together in silence. This is a community anthology from the second year of London Writers' Salon.


Publication Date
Sep 20, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Cover design or artwork by: Sherry Tolputt, Foreword by: Matthew Trinetti, Foreword by: Parul Bavishi, Preface by: Regina Beach, Edited by: Lisa Caldwell, Edited by: Bernice McDonnell, By (author): Hannah Ahmed, By (author): Anne Aylor, By (author): Debra Lee Babcock, By (author): Mary van Balen, By (author): Reema Baniabbasi, By (author): Jessie Bee, By (author): Rachel Blackmore, By (author): Breanne Boland, By (author): Papillon Bond, By (author): LiLi K. Bright, By (author): E.R. Burgess, By (author): Jackie Buxton, By (author): Stephanie Cage, By (author): Jay Caldwell, By (author): Monica Camara, By (author): Kathleen Caprario-Ulrich, By (author): Peppur Chambers, By (author): Elise Chidley, By (author): Lorna J. Clark, By (author): Louise Coghlan, By (author): C.D. Collins, By (author): Didi Craze, By (author): S.C. Cullen, By (author): Lauren Deborah, By (author): Christine A. DePedro, By (author): Lisa Dickson, By (author): Lois Ann Dort, By (author): Dionne Elizabeth, By (author): Katy Evans-Bush, By (author): Sue du Feu, By (author): Candice C. Floyd, By (author): Judith-Kate Friedman, By (author): Kathleen Fullerton, By (author): Maria Giron, By (author): Isabelle Giudicelli Giudicelli, By (author): C. Lou Hamilton, By (author): Marian Green, By (author): Jenny Hammerton, By (author): Sharon Abra Hanen, By (author): Jodi Hausen, By (author): Ant Heald, By (author): Carmen T. Hedges, By (author): Beth Hendrickson, By (author): Di Hinds Williamson, By (author): Kath Hubbard, By (author): Dawn Eli Keller, By (author): Hank Kimmel, By (author): Christian Svanes Kolding, By (author): Sofia Koutlaki, By (author): Patricia Lane, By (author): Shalaka Laxman, By (author): Anne Macaulay, By (author): Sejal Majithia-Jaswal, By (author): Ashira Malka, By (author): Jessica Mannion, By (author): Simona Martini, By (author): Anne McCarthy, By (author): Alli McKenkie, By (author): Chelsey Pippin Mizzi, By (author): Constance Moylan, By (author): Di Murrell, By (author): Kay Newhouse, By (author): Adele Newton, By (author): Kirsten Nørgaard, By (author): Tracy O’Brien, By (author): Diane O’Neill, By (author): Lindsay Oliver, By (author): Erica Robert Pallo, By (author): C.J. Palmisano, By (author): Aleesha Pandya, By (author): Sue Ransom, By (author): Roman Ryan, By (author): Jack Sevana, By (author): Erica Sharlette, By (author): Sussi Louise Smith, By (author): Robin S. Tanner, By (author): Jen Eve Taylor, By (author): Stephanie Vernier, By (author): Abigail B. Vint, By (author): Madeline Wahl, By (author): Sophie Hannah Walker, By (author): Melissa Roberts Weidman


Interior Color
Black & White
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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