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World War 2 In Review No. 1: Pearl Harbor

ByMerriam Press

Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Number 1: Pearl Harbor 2023 eBook Edition Number 1 includes the following articles covering many aspects of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor: (1) The Road to Pearl Harbor (2) Anti-torpedo Baffles for Protection Against Torpedo Plane Attacks, Pearl Harbor, February 1941 (3) Bombs Over Pearl Harbor: A Family Affair (4) Japan’s Pearl Harbor Spy: Takeo Yoshikawa (5) Japanese Spy at Pearl Harbor (6) Japanese Battle Orders for Pearl Harbor Attack (7) United States Note to Japan, 26 November 1941 (8) Out of the Loop: Japan’s Envoys Unaware of Pearl Harbor Attack (9) War Warnings: Deliberately Confused Messages (10) USS Ward’s Attack on a Japanese Midget Submarine at Pearl Harbor (11) The Mystery of Midget D: Crew of Sunken Japanese Submarine Never Found (12) Hawaii Undersea Research Lab Report on Condition of Three Piece Japanese Midget Submarine (13) The Attack on Pearl Harbor (14) The Battle of Pearl Harbor: December 7, 1941 – “Day of Infamy” (15) Chronology of the Pearl Harbor Attack (16) Ships Present at Pearl Harbor, 0800, 7 December 1941 (17) The USS St. Louis at Pearl Harbor (18) Pearl Harbor Heroes: George Welsh and Ken Taylor (19) Pearl Harbor’s Hero with a Hangover (20) Pearl Harbor: Up Close and Very Personal (21) “0745—Rig for Church”: A Chaplain at Pearl Harbor (22) A Marine’s View from Kaneohe NAS (23) A Sailor’s View from Battleship Row (24) A Sailor’s View from the U.S.S. Tangier (25) A Sailor’s View from the U.S.S. Vestal (26) A Sailor’s View from the U.S.S. Sumner (27) A Sailor’s View from Ford Island NAS (28) “We Were There”: Pearl Harbor Survivors (29) Flying Into the Hell of Pearl Harbor (30) Eyewitness Gives Vivid Description of Nippon Raid on Pearl Harbor (31) Military and Civilian Deaths at Pearl Harbor (32) USS Arizona Casualties and Survivors (33) Churchill: “Roosevelt Did Know” (34) Pearl Harbor: The Second Japanese Attack (35) Mitsuo Fuchida (36) USS Arizona Memorial (37) Advancement of Rear Admiral Kimmel and Major General Short (38) Did You Know… (39) Pearl Harbor Bibliography 250 B&W and color photos and illustrations


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Jun 15, 2017
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