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Evil Stepdaughter - Losing His Place - Cucked & Spanked

3 Illustrated Works of Erotic Female Authority

ByDomenic HydeMason Carstairs

Evil Stepdaughter (Illustrated): The tale of a man’s second marriage to an attractive widow and the life-changing effects the hatred for him of that widow’s 18-year-old daughter has upon his life… A life that will soon involve blackmail, subservience, chastity, and sexual service and one from which he will never find the will to escape! Losing His Place (Illustrated): When a loving wife meets a wealthy and dominant Latina shemale disaster strikes for her unemployed but faithful husband. For this particular shemale not only wants the wife in her life on a permanent basis but the unwitting husband too… As their sexual and domestic chattel. Cucked & Spanked (Illustrated) A tale of cuckolding, domestic discipline and the dominant woman, brings us the unhappy story of a formerly happy and contented – if a little overbearing – husband… A husband who, after contracting a non-fatal but debilitating illness, finds his formerly loving wife taking over his home, his business, and him… And done with the help of the young Indian IT geek who had formally been his junior and his gawky stepsister who was about to become the older man’s… NANNY! 3 Illustrated Works of Erotic Female Authority for the connoisseur of womanly dominance.


Publication Date
Jul 31, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Domenic Hyde, By (author): Mason Carstairs, By (author): Merrick Scanlon



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