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The Nine Levels of Prayer and the Mystical Gifts of the Saints

The Nine Levels of Prayer and the Mystical Gifts of the Saints

ByMethadius Ofili

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The mystical gifts found among the Saints, go beyond visions, locutions and healings. They bear resemblance and point to the miracles of Christ. The ones reported here include: reading of hearts (cardiognosis), ability to detect holy or consecrated objects and persons (hierognosis), prolong absence of sleep, total abstinence from food (inedia), stigmata, bilocation, levitation, walking on water, raising the dead, multiplication of bread, preaching in unknown foreign languages, dwelling/friendliness with wild animals, flames of love, penetration of bodies, and incorruptibility amongst others. Many of these gifts are bestowed on recipients at the 8th level of prayer and, unlike visions, locutions and healings, they are indicative of sanctity. The recipients of these gifts are called to special work and teachings which support the Faith, the establishment of new orders and so on. The nine levels of prayer consists of the first four levels, which are due to one’s effort, and are known as ascetic theology, as well as the fifth to the ninth levels, where the Holy Ghost intervenes to direct progress till the ninth level, known as mystical theology. The first four levels belong to the Ascetical theological stages of prayer while the last five levels are infused prayer, which belong to Mystical theological phase of the spiritual life. These levels consist of, level 1, vocal prayer -- any form of written or spoken prayers; level 2, meditation - discursive or practical meditation; level 3, affective prayer - a simplified meditation based on love; level 4, prayer of simplicity - felt Presence of God, vision of Faith and infused recollection; level 5, infused contemplation - it is an experience of the Presence of God, the invasion of the soul by the supernatural, and the soul is under the direction of God; level 6, Prayer of Quiet - it gives the soul actual possession and closeness with the Lord. The will is completely captivated in God; level 7, Prayer of Union - All internal faculties are captivated and occupied with God. External senses are still free; level 8, Prayer of Conforming Union - all internal faculties and external senses, as well, are united to God. Rapture and ecstasy may occur in this level. It is a spiritual betrothal with God and level 9, the Prayer of Transforming Union - This is the spiritual marriage, the highest degree of perfection that one can attain in this life. This is the ideal of Christian perfection offered to all souls in grace.


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May 26, 2023
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Methadius Ofili


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