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How to Save Money and Cope With a Small Income or Living On Welfare

ByMGInternet Publishing

This book is not orthodox but it does show you ways of coping and saving money if you are struggling with a small income or on benefits. Some of the ideas are not the usual things you may think of however, they are written by a person who has implemented them by necessity as he has faced coping with redundancy and the pressures of living on benefits for a long period. You may not find all the ideas practical to your situation, or steps you would take but, the options are there. They are written in perspective of a single person however, they can be adapted to help a family of any size. The author has written this book because he feels it might help others cope with a difficult situation. The book covers saving energy, shopping and cooking, mental well-being, earning extra income and other aspects of everyday life. It’s not a solve all be all answer but it will help put you in the right frame of mind to tackle the situation.


Publication Date
Mar 2, 2016
Personal Growth
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By (author): MGInternet Publishing



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