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History of St. Vincent de Paul

Founder of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) and of the Sisters of Charity. Volumes I and II

ByMgr. Émile Bougaud

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This work presents to the English-reading public a translation of Bougaud's "Life of Saint Vincent de Paul", with its two volumes united in a single one volume. "Bishop Bougaud's biographies of Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, of Saint Monica, and of Saint Vincent de Paul are literary masterpieces, and the translation of this last enriches our English religious literature. Among the many saints and great Christian leaders of the Church in the seventeenth century, Saint Vincent de Paul stands out preeminent as an apostle of charity and an educator of the clergy. His long life of devotion to the service of his neighbor is a model for our imitation. Saint Vincent de Paul dealt with the whole range of human misery and suffering — from the case of the foundling to that of poverty-stricken old age — from the instruction of children to the care of the insane. He organized women of the highest ranks of society, of the middle class, and even of the lower. He formed them into bands and associations to deal with every form of destitution and suffering. The Ladies of Charity and the Sisters of Charity were the most remarkable among these. He covered France with schools for the poor, and taught the daughters of the rich and noble to abandon home and pleasure to consecrate themselves to the education of their less fortunate brethren. But even all this was not enough for him, though it was the maximum for the so-called philanthropists. There was one step more, one higher aim, namely, to care, to teach, to guard the immortal soul, and bring it safely back to Him from whom it came. To feed the body was good, to enlighten the mind was better, but above and before everything else, in the eyes of Saint Vincent de Paul, was to purify, to guard, to save the soul. Even from this height he looked higher still, and saw, clothed in the rags of the poor, the person of his Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. This Life of Saint Vincent de Paul will, therefore, be of value to bishops, superiors, and ecclesiastical students, because it contains so much that directly concerns the training and mission of the priesthood. It will be of use also to the devout laity if it incite them also to address frequent and fervent prayer to God for the sanctification of the clergy. Now, from no biography will they better learn what the priesthood ought to be than from the Life of Saint Vincent de Paul." (Herbert Cardinal Vaughan)


Publication Date
Jun 30, 2021
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Mgr. Émile Bougaud


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