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STRONG: Successful Women Share Stories of Childhood Trauma and Triumph (illustrated in full color)

ByMia Doucet

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Eighty-one successful women from 22 countries share poignant memoirs of early childhood struggle and suffering: trauma, loss, betrayal, bullying, neglect, sexual abuse, and the disconnection of dysfunctional family relationships. The memoirs read like intimate bits of conversation between best friends, overheard, at times in sordid detail. These stories are in stark contradiction to the nostalgic ones we like to tell ourselves about the charms of childhood. They paint the picture of early years that are not all sunshine and rainbows. Some will amuse. Some will tear at your heart. The author writes in a brief, clear, concise style. Original, full-color drawings capture the essence of each memory as seen through the eyes of the innocent child. "STRONG is more than just a collection of memoirs. It's an invitation to reflect on the resilience of the human spirit, understand global societal challenges, and be inspired by women who, despite severe adversities, rose to carve their niche in sectors like medicine, finance, and business. A must-read for those seeking to unearth the power of introspection, self-care, and the triumph of resilience over adversity.” STRONG has been honored with the prestigious Literary Titan Gold Book Award, a recognition reserved for books that masterfully deliver original content, explore innovative themes, and exhibit elegant prose. NOTE: This book contains several true accounts of child abuse that some readers may find disturbing. This book is not for children.


Publication Date
Nov 28, 2023
Personal Growth
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mia Doucet


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Interior Color
US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm)

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