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TAOIST GEOMANCY (KANYU; FENGSHUI): Orientation of Environmental Harmony

ByMichael Hamilton

This is the fourth book (156 pgs.; 24 figures), within the series/tome, DAOZHAN: Divination Resource for Taoist Calculation, © 2nd ed. 2005; 3rd ed. 2015-2020 (905 pgs.; 93 figures). “The holy sages were divine, hence they knew the future; they were wise, hence they stored up the past."- Yijing as quoted in Da Liu The word Tao (Dao) means “way,” or more specifically “way of truth.” This book concisely presents methods of Taoist divination (zhan), or mystic mathematics (shu), which is structured by an intricately unfolding pantheon cosmology. Taoist divination provides the practitioner with a clear perspective of the source of creation through the application of the philosophy of nature. Focusing on the source, improves the quality of life by defining the path of immortality, which is followed by the Taoist adept (daoren) for becoming the sage (shengren). Divination is fundamentally applied as a cosmological code (earth-external) and philosophical guide (heaven-internal) for facilitating the success of interior alchemy (neidan) (the process of returning the spirit to the divine origin). When the ideogram for divination (zhan) is broken apart, the upper radical translates as “upper” and the lower “mouth.” This analysis of “upper mouth” implies the meaning “divine message.”  The interpretations of divination, particularly the methods of astrology, a derivative of astronomy (mathematics in space-time), prompted the derivation of Yijing (Book of Changes) oracle symbols, which lead to the invention of writing. Divination opens communication with heaven through various conjunctive methods. Correct timing (astrology), orientation (geomancy), and design (alchemy) allows the revelation of the oracle to whisper the way of truth. Taoist divination makes the unpredictable predictable through the interpretation of evident natural patterns. It is the mathematical tool that observes a natural philosophy (spiritual principles) for regulating an intuitive practice (physical instincts). Divination is a way of formulating intuitive ritual through mystic calculation. It transforms the concept of coincidence into integrated event synchronicity through intuitive interpretation. Since prediction and calculation have the same meaning in Chinese (suan), they did not distinguish between numerology and mathematics.


Publication Date
Aug 5, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Michael Hamilton



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