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The Blueprint 2 Success: A Student's Guideline For Successful Living

ByMichael Mariner

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Our successes are based upon the mentality we have, relationships we build and activities we perform. Motivational Speaker and Success Coach Michael Mariner explains the importance of those three character traits and building tools and how they play a major role in your life as a foundation to build upon for any level of success desired in one's lifetime. The Blueprint 2 Success is a book full of wisdom and knowledge that will help you set goals, grow through failure and cultivate successful relationships. When needed, doctors use a tool called MRI, a medical term used to help diagnose a disease or injury that can’t be detected just by outward observation, it has to be observed internally, and so is it with success. True success is developed internally not externally. Success is the equivalent of the sum total of all your actions, decisions and relationships and in a short, powerful and condensed version; Michael breaks this concept down into three primary sections. Instead of a MRI that doctors use he uses the term MRA, a terminology used to diagnose and examine the necessary mindset, relationships and activities that govern success. The Blueprint 2 Success is a combination of easy to remember principles that will help you govern your way to success. Whether you’re a student in school or an employee working your way up the corporate ladder, as long as you consider yourself a lifelong learner, this book is a must read. Learning should be a life long journey, not a momentary destination.


Publication Date
Apr 21, 2020
Personal Growth
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By (author): Michael Mariner


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