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Complete School Part 2

Complete School Part 2

ByMichael Milford, PhD

PLEASE NOTE THIS BOOK IS BOOK 2 IN A SET OF 2 THAT MAKE UP THE ENTIRE PACKAGE, AND CONTAINS THE SENIOR MATH AND ENGLISH COMPONENTS. Complete School is a brand new educational package for ANYONE trying to improve or brush up on their Math and English skills. It covers the Math and English topics encountered at high school, and uses a conversational, informal teaching style. Every topic is explained in detail, with sample questions and fully worked solutions to work through. Complete School also contains all the practical tips, tricks, and advice picked up by myself, my fellow students, and the students I've tutored over the years, as well as from the 5000 students who bought my previous textbooks. Whether you're a current high school student, a parent, an adult going back to further study, a teacher or a tutor, Complete School will help you, your children, or your students with Maths and English.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Education & Language
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By (author): Michael Milford, PhD



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