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Mystery of Christ

The Great Trump and Scroll of the Everlasting Gospel

ByMichael O. Okoroh

Beyond the frail dichotomies existing among men today, all men are living souls emanating as diverse stems and branches of the Living Root of all Existences. Yet some lead their lives according to the lower scale of reality. The drama of creation will come to an end when all men come into the perfect consciousness of harmony with God. This divine drama unveiled by the LORD, began with His Christ and will be rounded up by His Christ. This treatise is written for the collective increase of divine light among earthmen in the world, to the intent that all may rise beyond the illusions of dichotomies to the knowledge of Truth and manifestation of Christ. As the advent of Christ in His manifestation as Lord Jesus of Nazareth bamboozled the spiritual masters and scribes of Jewish law in His days, the second advent of the Christ is set to bamboozle all men who do not rise beyond the mental speculations of religious conversations that yield no value. Rise above these speculations by studying this treatise of light. This treatise stands as a divine pointer for all men to the Christ of the second advent. For all men must come to the experience of the Christ in diverse manners and settings, and the Elect must be caught up in the divine cloud of power. Whoever has ears to hear the sound of this trumpet should hear.


Publication Date
Aug 15, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Original author: Michael O. Okoroh



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